Piers Plowman

Set Text: A.V.C. Schmidt's B-Text, published by Everyman;
Passus 16-20 are set for comment.

E. Salter: Piers Plowman An Introduction
M.W. Bloomfield: Piers Plowman as Fourteenth-Century Apocalypse
D. Aers: Chaucer, Langland and the Creative Imagination
---, : Piers Plowman and Christian Allegory (1975)
---,: Community, Gender, and Individual Identity,Ch. 1
J. Lawlor: Piers Plowman: An Essay in Criticism
S.S. Hussey ed.: Piers Plowman: Critical Approaches
E. Vasta ed.: Interpretations of Piers Plowman
M. Godden: The Making of Piers Plowman (1990)
M. Stokes: Justice and Mercy in Piers Plowman: A Reading of the B-Text Visio. (1984)
*J. Simpson: Piers Plowman: An Introduction to the B-Text (1990)
*J.A. Alford: (ed) A Companion to Piers Plowman (1988)
* related texts in R.B. Dobson (ed) The Peasant's Revolt, 2nd ed. (1983)
J. Burrow: 'The Audience of Piers Plowman' and 'The Action of Langland's Second Vision' in Essays on Medieval Literature(1984)
A.Middleton: 'The Audience and Public of Piers Plowman' in Middle English Alliterative Poetry and its Literary Background ed. D.A. Lawton (1982)
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R.A. Waldron: 'Langland's Originality: Christ-Knight and the Harrowing of Hell' in Medieval English Religious and Ethical Literature: Essays in Honour of G.H. Russell. eds. G. Kratzman and J. Simpson (1986)

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