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Georgian churches and their devotional furnishings

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Church and other religious dedications of Georgia

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia

The dataset (accessible by clicking on the link in the side panel) represents work in progress and much remains to be done. Additional data and offers of help in completing it will be most welcome. Please contact us by e-mail (address in the side panel).


A number of Georgian words appear in the 'Location' field. These include samkhretit 'to the south', chrdiloetit 'to the north', dasavleti 'the west', aghmosavletit 'to the east'; akhali 'new', dzveli 'old'; zemo 'upper', kvemo 'lower'; didi 'large', patara 'small'; sakdari 'church' or 'temple', eklesia 'church', sapetkeli 'temple'; lavra 'monastery', as also monasteri; jvari 'cross', naeklesia 'former church'.

Full explanatory notes will be added to this page in due course. For example, dedications particularly commemorated in the Orthodox world include Thomas Sunday, in Georgian Kviratskoveli (literally 'Living Sunday', kvira, 'Sunday'), the first after Easter. For a guide to how TASC datasets are compiled and designed, see the TASC homepage (link in the side panel).


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