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Last update: October 15 2011

Here you can find a small description of some of my current research lines.

Climateprediction.net & Climate change impacts

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I am the Scientific Coordinator of Climateprediction.net and a good part of my work is focused on the study of the impacts of climate change using the outputs of the models run by the project.


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The Tropopause is an thermal inversion layer between the Troposphere and the Stratosphere. There is several key issues about the Tropopause which are not well known as the whole understanding of its existence and its role in the mass exchange between the Troposphere and the Stratosphere. Moreover this layer shows a complex thermal and dynamical behavior which makes it interesting from a meterological and climatological perspective. In several research papes and IPCC reports it has been highlighted as a possible fingerprint of climatic change. My PhD Thesis was focused on its study and currently I continue working on it under the Project TRODIM.

Data in meteorological and climatic research

Big ImageData are basic for any research in most of the scientific fields and of course in atmospheric sciences. In my daily research work I deal with different kind of data. Most of times I handle radiosonde data, a kind of data very hard to use because of homogeneization problems. These problems are more evident when you deal with large series and a big number of stations. That is the reason because I spent part of my time obtaining, processing and homogeneizating data. I also work on meteorological data recovery  from documentary sources, which is very important in order to expand the data series to the past and after it to compare them with the current climatic conditions.

Free Software and Computational Sciences

Big ImageFree Software is a matter of the users' freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. Free Software is a matter of ethics. You can read more about it here.
Computational sciences are related with other fields as matemathics and physics. I usually enjoy reading, learning new things and thinking about theoretical and practical questions of this field.