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Last update: April 9 2013

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* Juan A. Añel, Andrew Gettelman, José M. H. Castanheira (----) Tropopause widening vs. Tropopause rising: a PV-theta view of the UTLS (submitted to PLOS ONE)

* Juan A. Añel, Douglas R. Allen, Guadalupe Sáenz, Luis Gimeno, Laura de la Torre (---) Equivalent latitude computation using regions of interest (ROI) (submitted PLOS ONE)

* Ricardo M. Trigo, Juan A. Añel, David Barriopedro, Luis Gimeno, Myles R. Allen, Raquel Nieto,  Neil Massey,  Rodrigo Castillo, Ricardo García-Herrera (---) The record winter drought of 2011-2012  in the Iberian Peninsula (submitted to Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc.)

* Xuelong Chen, Juan A. Añel, Zhongbo Su, Yaoming Ma, Maoshan Li (---) A record 9.4 km measurement of top of the atmospheric boundary layer over the Tibetan Plateau (submitted to Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc.)

* Matthew Toohey et al. (including Juan A. Añel) (----) Characterizing sampling biases in the trace gas climatologies of the SPARC data initiative (submitted to J. Geophys. Res.)

PhD Thesis

Análisis climático de la tropopausa a partir de datos de radiosondeo
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