OPTICFLOCK uses the patterns made by the movements of chicken flocks to assess their health and welfare

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OPTICFLOCK analyses the optical flow patterns (changing patterns of light and dark) made by the movements of chicken flocks. It streams information directly from a camera or video recorder to a small computer (such as a Raspberry Pi) which delivers a numerical ‘verdict’ every 15 minutes. The on-farm computer sends this verdict over the internet to a web portal where the current flock values are compared to those of known standard or reference flocks. Only numbers - not video images - leave the farm so the system is secure and farm staff do not need to feel they are being watched. Once the comparison with reference flocks has been made, the results are sent directly to a farmer’s phone, tablet or pc.

OPTICFLOCK can also be used historically - that is, to analyse video records that have already been made, provided that the videos are suitable. This means that they are in standard format (such as .avi) , were recorded with a constant (not variable ) frame rate and with at least 4 frames a second.

The research behind OPTICFLOCK