VIII European Swahili Workshop



It is intended that the workshop begin at lunchtime on Sunday, 19th September and finish at approximately the same time on Tuesday, 21st September. This timetable will allow participants to travel on those days if they so desire, and thus avoid incurring extra accommodation costs. You may already be aware that African Studies Association of the UK is holding its biennial conference in Oxford from the 16th to the 19th September, 2010. We have deliberately scheduled the workshop to follow on from ASAUK, thus allowing participants to conveniently attend both, if they so wish. There is, however, no formal link between the two events.
The workshop will take place in the African Studies Centre, 13, Bevington Road, and at ICEA, 64, Banbury Road. If you have been to the African Studies Centre before, please note that it has moved. Click for map.
There are no registration fees or costs for workshop participants.
The full workshop timetable has now been sent to all participants. Please contact us if you have not received it.
The workshop timetable is now available here.