Welcome to the VIII European Swahili Workshop

"Contemporary issues in Swahili ethnography"


This theme is intended to reflect the great diversity of research emanating from scholars working with and among the Swahili. We invite potential participants to think about the various contemporary issues that touch upon the Swahili and their world, whether this be in East Africa itself, the Arabian Peninsula, Europe or beyond. Questions of religious performance, economic and political strategies, migrations and diasporic identity, language and cultural practice, these are just some of the themes that might be addressed. It is not the intention of the workshop to solicit papers restricted to a specific issue, but rather to encourage papers that reflect the diversity of research interests among Swahili scholars.

There is an emphasis on the contemporary, although all contemporary issues have a historical context; and, of course, reflecting the history of the workshop, on anthropological perspectives. The Swahili may be taken as referring to the (generally Bantu-speaking) Islamic societies of coastal East Africa and neighbouring islands, and associated populations elsewhere.