Other Stuff

Blogging and outreach

Philosophy is not an isolated endeavor, but it is highly relevant to society at large. As I am committed to communicating results and insights from our discipline, I regularly write for two blogs that are read by academics and non-academics: NewAPPs and Prosblogion.

Renaissance Lute

I play the Renaissance lute, an instrument that was popular from roughly 1500 to 1620. It has 8 courses (which is 7 double strings and 1 single string, the chanterelle). The instrument was made by in 1996 Sandi Harris and Stephen Barber, an excellent lute maker husband-and-wife team. The tuning is G major.

Here are two pieces played by me (if you click, you will get flv files in Google Drive. No login or Google account is required to play them).

Drawings for Paper for iPad

Less messy than real drawings, I make the occasional doodle on Paper for iPad. Follow this link to see some sporadic drawings.