Isobel Dodds

Personal photo - Isobel  Dodds

Isobel Dodds

iCASE Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


I studied Biological Sciences at Somerville College and graduated with my BA in 2018. Having completed my undergrad at Somerville, I decided to switch college and am now at Hertford. My DPhil involves studying how plant proteases may be important in improving processes involved in molecular pharming. I will be spending some time during my degree at Leaf Expression Systems at the John Innes Centre to investigate these proteins in an industrial setting.


My main research interests lie in plant sciences. I am particularly interested in plant pathology and immunity and molecular pharming. As well as developing my interest for my subject over my three years here, I have also spent a lot of time doing sport. Before coming to Oxford, I learnt to row at school and have continued with this time-consuming activity since and participated in the Women's Reserve Boat Races twice. I also enjoy road cycling and gained a half blue for this in the 25 mile time trial in 2018.