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Welcome to the Oxford University Space and Astronomy Society's website!

The aims of the Society are to promote and encourage an interest in astronomy, astrophysics and space science throughout the University. During term time, there are talks on Monday evenings (free for members, ?.50 for non-members), and observations (free for EVERYBODY - you do not have to be a member to come to our observations sessions!) are usually held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings (weather dependent - confirmation is made by email to the mailing list). More information can be found here. You can download a copy of our termcard here. Events are open to all.

Membership of the society costs ? for one year, or ?2 for life, and this gives you unlimited access to the society's talks. (Please note: life membership is only available to those who are members of the university.)

Please join our mailing list to keep up to date with the society! Weekly emails are sent out about talks and observations.

Oxford University Space and Astronomy Society is kindly sponsored by Holidays Please.

Hilary Term 2015
  • (Week 1, 19th January) No talk
  • (Week 2, 26th January) Sean Lindsay, University of Oxford: "On Small Planetary Bodies"
  • (Week 3, 2nd February) Allan Chapman, University of Oxford: "Flying to the Moon from Oxford in 1640; John Wilkins, the Royal Society, big telescopes and 'Flying Chariots' in the quad"
  • (Week 4, 9th February) Michael Johnson: "CubeSats"
  • (Week 5, 16th February) OUSAS, Joined by Rocketry Officers from UKSEDS: ROCKETRY SESSION
  • (Week 6, 23rd February) TBC
  • (Week 7, 2nd March) Professor Steven Balbus, Savilian Professor of Astronomy, University of Oxford: TBC
  • (Week 8, 9th March) OUSAS: AGM and Committee elections
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