Welcome to the Coalitional Presidentialism Project (CPP)


The Coalitional Presidentialism Project (CPP) is directed by Paul Chaisty, Nic Cheeseman and Timothy J. Power at the University of Oxford. The project is motivated by the surprising sustainability of multiparty presidentialism in Africa, Latin America, and postcommunist Europe. Despite predictions to the contrary, presidents have been remarkably successful at winning legislative support from fragmented legislatures. The project has two principal objectives: (1) to identify the tools that presidents use to govern in concert with multiparty legislatures and (2) to assess the effects of these tools on horizontal accountability in new democracies.

We gratefully acknowledge generous financial support from the Economic and Social Research Council (RES-062-23-2892). We also thank the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies (SIAS) at the University of Oxford for serving as the project’s administrative and intellectual home.

The co-investigators are indebted to the members of the CPP Advisory Board for their thoughtful and generous guidance.

Board of Advisors


To investigate these questions, the project conducts original comparative analysis of nine emerging democracies between 1979 and 2010 — in Africa (Benin, Kenya, Malawi), Latin America (Brazil, Chile, Ecuador), and the former Soviet Union (Armenia, Russia, Ukraine). The project will generate considerable new data and will integrate case-specific knowledge into a rigorous cross-regional framework. In 2013, the CPP project will hold three regional dissemination workshops in Brasília, Kyiv, and Nairobi, and in 2014 the project will conclude with a major international conference to be held at the University of Oxford. The project began on September 1, 2011 and will conclude on August 31, 2014. The project is managed by the Postdoctoral Research Officer in Comparative Presidentialism, Svitlana Chernykh.