Kinga Zielińska

Personal photo - Kinga Zielińska

Kinga Zielińska

Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU

Personal Timetable


  • Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP, University of Oxford (2018-...)

    Programming, Essential Mathematics, Bioinformatics, Statistics and Data Management

  • BSc Natural Sciences, University of Exeter (2015-2018)

    (Mathematics and Computing, Foundations in Natural Science, Differential Equations, Numerics and Optimisation, Modelling for Biosciences, Genomics and Introductory Bioinformatics, Physics of Living Systems, Reconstructing Past Environments, Frontiers in Science, Mathematical Biology and Ecology, Nature Inspired Computation, Mathematics of the Climate Change, Bioinformatics)


  • Natural and Biological Sciences
  • Computer modelling, Bioinformatics and Machine Learning
  • Physiology and functioning of the human body
  • Endurance sports (triathlon, cycling, trail running and speed inline skating)
  • Travelling (including numerous international MTB and road bike rides and races)
  • Piano playing, photography and film



  • iGEM competition: Giant Jamboree in Boston 2017

    Project title: "Modified cell surface pili as a new vogue for bacterial bioremediation"

    Achieved: a Gold Medal, Best Environment Project, Best Applied Design in Overgrad