Introduction to Linguateca

Step 1.  Log into Linguateca:     http://www.linguateca/pt

Step 2.  Select Acesso a Recursos > AC/DC > Avante!  [for European]

                                                                                           AmostRA- NILC  [for Brazilian]

Step 3.  Type a search word into the Procurar box, and note the results. 


At least one of the above is a dud
At least one gives too many hits for a single output

Try some of the other corpora   e.g.  CETEMpublico, Corpus Brasileiro, NILC-São Carlos,

Try using other forms of Resultado (Distribuição das formas/lemas/categoria),  to filter the results

Step 4.  Search for two or more words

Some of these will allow you to see a summary list of the words,  using  Distribuição das Formas
Note any interesting phrases that you might wish to explore further.

Step 5.  Search for forms of the same word

Step 6.  Search for short phrases

Tip:  you will need to put the two words in separately,  enclosed in quotation marks.Step 7. Combine these steps to make complex searches

Report any interesting results

For a more complete account of searching,  look at Corpus Searching