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Entry Points

Portals are sites with little original content, containing links to information providers. Some useful portals for Humanities in general and Portuguese in particular are:

For an overview of Brazilian internet resources, read Edward Reidinger's guide.

For news, cultural events, language materials and links to other sites, try:

 To find a wide range of Portuguese and Brazilian internet pages, use one of the following search pages:



For other gateways and search engines, see the General Information section.


To expand your reading, explore one or other of the major newspapers available on the WWW.

Portuguese newspapers and journals:

Brazilian newspapers:

Brazilian and Portuguese radio and television channels

For details of Portuguese satellite TV broadcasts, look at the RTP Internacional site

For virtual tours of Portuguese cities, go to the Excursões virtuais section of the Centro Virtual Camões.
For news of cultural events, try Ministério da Cultura de Portugal

Language learning materials

Portuguese Language Resources Harvard University Library

The Centro Virtual Camões on the Instituto Camões website is organized into subsites labelled Aprender, Conhecer, Ensinar, Traduzir, Ensino à distância.The Aprender pages have basic language study materials, including a European Portuguese Pronunciation course and language games. The Trazuzir pages have useful lexical resources.The Conhecer area contains the Biblioteca digital of downloadable books

The Catálogo de recursos of the Linguateca site has links to an exhaustive list of online dictionaries and grammars for all types of user. (Do not be put off by the computational orientation of the site...) It also makes available a number of linguistic corpora which can be a good source of examples of 'real' language use, to supplement the limited examples given by grammars.

Also available:

For additional information on language materials, look at the University Language Centre pages ).



 A large number of collections of literary texts are accessible on the web, though not always in reliable versions. Use them for browsing, and for speedy finding of individual references - but they are no substitute for traditional reading!

For a large number of classic literary works, try the Brazilian Dominio Publico archive, Brasiliana Eletrônica or the Projecto Vercial site of cheap e-books (both have a lot of texts, but often in old editions, so beware!) or Literatura Brasileira. 
Eminently browsable is the poetry site Versos da segunda (now closed for new materials but preserved by the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon).
The Literafro Project
  has materials on Afro-Brazilian literature, and on Brazilian Literatura de cordel.

For the medievalist,

Portuguese bookshops with online sales include Livraria Bertrand, Livraria PortugalFNAC

and Livraria Apolo 70 ; in the UK, the indispensable Grant & Cutler in London.

Brazilian online bookshops include Livraria Saraiva and Livraria Cultura, A Traça (a sebo)


Many grammars and dictionaries are compiled with the aid of enormous archives of texts known as corpora. These are drawn from a wide range of sources, including large numbers of articles from newspapers and journals. If you want to find out for yourself how a certain word is used in present-day Portuguese or Brazilian, a corpus will provide you with (literally) thousands of examples. For details of linguistic corpora of Portuguese, and simple programs to search them, go to the Linguateca page. An easy introduction to Corpus searching is available on this site.

For more detailed information, see Online Resources for Linguistic Study

General information


For useful pages of information and links, consult the Portuguese and Brazilian pages of the Taylor Institution Library WWW site (there are pages for all the languages taught in Oxford) or the departmental web pages

Information on Portuguese Universities is available from the Links section of the Taylor Institution webpage.

Information on Brazilian Universities is available on UOL

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