Second Year Prose Classes Hilary Term 2014

Professor Phillip Rothwell and Dr João Lopes [tbc]

    Dr Stephen Parkinson and Mr André Penafiel

Class times
Group 1:  Friday 2 p.m.  
T7, 47 Wellington Square   Prof Rothwell and Dr  Lopes   (weeks 1-3, 5,7) 
                                                                                                         Dr Parkinson and Mr  Penafiel   (weeks 4, 6, 8)                               
Group 2:  Friday 3 p.m.    Basement Lecture Room,   Dr Parkinson and Mr  Penafiel   (weeks 1-4, 6,8) 
                                    47 Wellington Square
      Prof Rothwell and Dr  Lopes   (weeks 5,7)

Texts for translation will be placed on this site approximately one week before the class. Written work should be handed in as indicated below. 

Written work for Dr Parkinson and Mr Penafiel should be delivered by email to both tutors or on paper to Dr Parkinson's pigeonhole in 47 Wellington Square, by noon  on Thursday
Written work for Prof Rothwell  should be delivered in hard copy to Prof Rothwell's pigeonhole in 47 Wellington Square,  by 9 am Thursday

For information on on-line language resources and other useful sites, see Dr Parkinson's  Ciberportuguês page.

week 1:   Group 1   Group 2

week 2:  Group 1   Group 2

week 3:  Group 1 directly circulated  Group 2

week 4:  Groups 1 and 2

week 5:  Groups 1 and 2

week 6:

week 7:  Groups 1 and 2 

week 8:  Groups 1 and 2  

Provisional groupings:

Group 1     Furey, Kiff, Mehta, Noyau,Rowbottom, Smith, Thomas,Webb,
Group 2      Abery, Dove, Elliott, Humphreys, Kabiri, Kamm, Shah, Stennett, Leak,

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