Final Year Prose Classes Hilary Term 2014

Tutors: Dr Stephen Parkinson 47 Wellington Square

Dr Raquel Ribeiro St Peter's College

Group I    Monday 4-5      Room  F6                            47 Wellington Square

Group II    Tuesday 4-5     Basement Lecture room      47 Wellington Square


Texts for translation will be placed on this site approximately one week before the class.

Written work should be delivered as follows:
     unseen=Portuguese-English  to Dr Parkinson's  pigeonhole in 47 Wellington Square or to his email Inbox by  Monday 9 am before the class .
     prose=English-Portuguese  to Dr Ribeiro's  (Dr Williams')  pigeonhole in St Peter's College    by Monday 9 a.m before the class.

Translations into Portuguese should be handwritten; translations into English may be handwritten or word-processed.

Week 1:  unseen   

Week 2:  prose      

Week 3:  prose    

Week 4:  unseen  

Week 5:  unseen   

Week 6: handed out by dr Ribeiro      

Week 7:  unseen    

Week 8:  prose     

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