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Richard and Sarah drove up to Lisbon and went on to Estoril, where they stayed two nights at the Hotel Globo, which gave great pleasure to Melina and her husband Carlo.  For Sarah it was the beginning of one of the happiest periods of her life.  She spent a lot of time talking with Melina, who evidently liked Richard.  Carlo liked him too, and the two of them had long discussions about hotels after Carlo learned that Richard had once had a restaurant. 


Before they left, Melina talked with Sarah , alone in her bedroom.

- You have found a good man.  One can always tell when it is the right thing.  You must never have any regrets about leaving the convent.  Do you know what your mother once said to me, with that wicked smile of hers?  She said.  "Don't worry.  Sarah is like me.  If she finds she doesn't like a thing, she won't put up with it."


Just then Richard came in with a parcel under his arm.