Online Resources for Linguistic Studies

1. Portals

Sites with little original content, containing links to information providers

2. General Language resources:

3. Portuguese Language and Linguistics

Sites to be avoided or treated with caution:

4. Consultórios

Sites giving linguistic advice to the general public: usually quite prescriptive and focused on issues of linguistic uncertainty.

5. The Acordo ortográfico

Text of the 1990/2009 Acordo ( Decree of 4 June 1991 approving the 1990 Acordo)
Portal da Língua Portuguesa Site with full documentation of the Acordo and its precursors

Blogs and comment pages about the Acordo and the recent polemics

Dictionary sites giving "before and after" reports:

6. Corpora

Corpora are large collections of digitised texts, with a search engine which allows detailed investigation of words and phrases

7. Other Language Resources

8. Text archives

(for fuller list, see Ciberportuguês, on WebLearn)
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