John K.-H. Quah

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Current positions:

Professor of Economic Theory
Department of Economics
Oxford University

Fellow and Tutor in Economics
St Hugh's College

Research interests: 
Monotone Comparative Statics; Revealed Preference Analysis;

Demand Aggregation and General Equilibrium Theory; Environmental Economics

Other affiliations:
Visiting Professor
Department of Economics
National University of Singapore 

Co-Editor, Journal of Mathematical Economics
Associate Editor, Economic Theory

Recent research:

A test for weakly separable preferences, Working Paper, Department of Economics, Oxford, No. 708 (2014).  This is an updated version of an earlier working paper. 

Revealed preference tests under risk and uncertainty (with Matthew Polisson), Discussion Papers 13/24, Department of Economics, University of Leicester (2013).

A Unified Approach to Revealed Preference Theory: The Case of Rational Choice (with Hiroki Nishimura and Efe Ok), Working Paper, Department of Economics, Oxford, No. 686 (2013).

Discounting, Values, and Decisions (with Bruno Strulovici), Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 121(5), 896-939 (2013).   Studies how optimal stopping and control vary with the discount rate.