John K.-H. Quah

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Current position:

Professor of Economic Theory
Department of Economics
Oxford University
Fellow and Tutor in Economics
St Hugh's College

Research interests: 
Monotone Comparative Statics; Revealed Preference Analysis; Demand Aggregation and General Equilibrium Theory; Environmental Economics

Other affiliations:
Visiting Professor
Department of Economics
National University of Singapore 

Co-Editor, Journal of Mathematical Economics
Associate Editor, Economic Theory

Recent research: 

Discounting, Values, and Decisions (with Bruno Strulovici).  Forthcoming article, Journal of Political Economy. Studies how optimal stopping and control vary with the discount rate.

Revealed preference tests of the Cournot model (with Andres Carvajal, Rahul Deb, and James Fenske).  Forthcoming article in Econometrica. There is also a working paper with other results.   Develops a revealed preference test (in the form of a linear program) for the hypothesis that the firms are playing a Cournot game, assuming convex cost functions and observations  generated by demand variation.

Emissions trading with profit-neutral permit allocations (with Cameron Hepburn and Robert Ritz), Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 98, 85--99 (2013).   Examines the impact of an emissions trading scheme (ETS) on equilibrium emissions, output, price, market concentration, and profits in a generalized Cournot model.   Develops formula for the number of emissions permits that have to be freely allocated to firms to neutralize the profit impact of the ETS and relates it to Herfindahl index.

A revealed preference test for weakly separable preferences, Working Paper, Department of Economics, Oxford, No. 601 (2012). Provides a revealed preference test for maximization with a weakly separable utility function.  Generalizes Afriat's Theorem.