John K.-H. Quah


         Department of Economics          

           Oxford University

           Manor Road, OX1 3UL


            Email:           Phone:   01865-281291 (Economics Department);  01865-274986 (St Hugh’s College)

Survey lectures on monotone comparative statics (at University of Paris IX – Dauphine):

Part I (given on March 1, 2011).  Part II (given on March 8, 2011) 

Survey lectures on monotone comparative statics and related topics, 4 hours:

            Part I:      Comparative Statics and Supermodular Games

            Part II:     Comparative Statics for decisions under uncertainty and Comparative Information


            See also seminar slides on the Interval Dominance Order


            Lectures on general equilibrium theory (at advanced undergraduate and first-year graduate level), 6 hours:

            Part I:      The existence of equilibrium

Part II:     The structure of equilibrium

Part III:    Equilibrium in a financial economy



For my published papers and other research material, click here.


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