John K.-H. Quah

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Hi.  Thank you for visiting my webpage.  I have moved to Johns Hopkins University.  Please visit my webpage there.




Shorter CV


Brief bio:  I am professor at the Department of Economics, Oxford University.  I am also affiliated to St Hugh’s College, where I am an Official Fellow and its Economics Tutor.  Every summer, I spend some time in Singapore, where I have a visiting professorial position at the Economics Department of the National University of Singapore.  NUS is also where I received my first degree (in Mathematics, 1986).


I completed my doctoral studies at UC Berkeley (1989—1994), with Robert M Anderson as my doctoral supervisor.  My dissertation was on demand aggregation and its implications for general equilibrium theory, building on the work of Grandmont (1992) and others.   Part of that work is surveyed in an entry in the Palgrave dictionary on the Law of Demand (written jointly with Michael Jerison).


The bulk of my research in the last few years has been devoted to the theory and applications of monotone comparative statics, building on the work of Milgrom and Shannon (1994) and others.  I have given survey lectures at various places on this topic; you may find the slides useful.


More recently, I have developed an interest in revealed preference analysis, of which Afriat's test of utility-maximization is the archetypal result.  I am interested in the use of revealed preference methods for testing both single- and multi-agent economic models.    

                                                                                                                                          May 2015