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Volume 1, Number 2, November 2005:
Human Security

Editorial Introduction: Human Security
Alexander Betts and Matthew Eagleton-Pierce
pp. 5-10
Free Access

Human Security: Theory and Practice
Sadako Ogata
pp. 11-23

Human Security: Mainstreamed Despite the Conceptual Ambiguity?
Edward Newman
pp. 24-36

A Response to Edward Newman: Conspicuously Absent? Why the Secretary-General Used in All But Name
Taylor Owen
pp. 37-42

The Pre-History of Human Security
S. Neil MacFarlane
pp. 43-65

Response to S. Neil MacFarlane: Why Human Security is a New Concept With Global Origins
Richard Ponzio
pp. 66-71

Who's Securing Whom? The Need for International Relations to Embrace Human Security
Peter Hough
pp. 72-87

Four Questions about Ethiopia's Ethnic Federalism
David Turton
pp. 88-101

Leveraging the Global to Empower Local Struggles: Resistance and Efficacy in Transnational Feminist Networks
Julie Taylor
pp. 102-117
Free Access

Book Reviews
pp. 118-125