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Volume 2, Number 1, May 2006:
The International Politics of Oil

Editorial Introduction: The International Politics of Oil
Alexander Betts, Matthew Eagleton-Pierce and Anne Roemer-Mahler
pp. 3-10
Free Access

The Politics of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Oil Industry
Peter Utting and Kate Ives
pp. 11-34
Free Access

Climate Change and Collective Action: Troubles in the Transition to a Post-Oil Economy
Joshua Busby
pp. 35-55

The United States, Hegemonic Strategies and World Oil
Simon Bromley
pp. 56-70

The Oil-Foreign Policy Nexus: A Response to Simon Bromley
Steffen Hertog
pp. 71-74

Oil, War and Forced Migration in Sudan
Leben Nelson Moro
pp. 75-90

‘Oil, War and Forced Migration in Sudan’: A Response
Richard Barltrop
pp. 91-95

Angola’s Rise to Regional Power: A Theoretical Approach to Oil and Conflict in Central-Africa
Nils Duquet
pp. 96-112

Oil in Geopolitics: An Interview with Fareed Mohamedi
pp. 113-119

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