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Volume 3, Number 2, January 2008:
Religion and World Order

Editorial Introduction
Lea-Friederike Neubert and Naysan Rafati
pp. 3-6
Free Access

Commentary: Think Globally, Pray Locally
James N. Rosenau
pp. 7-12

How Shall We Study Religion and Conflict? Challenges and Opportunities in the Early Twenty-first Century
John D. Carlson and Matt Correa
pp. 13-30

The Political Consequences of Religious Revival in the People’s Republic of China
André Laliberté
pp. 31-49

Tracing the Links between Hindu Nationalism and the Indian Diaspora
Nikita Sud
pp. 50-65

The Politics of Transnational Ties: A Response to Nikita Sud
Pablo Bose
pp. 66-73

Appropriation and Redemption in Contemporary Western Discourses on Islam in Europe
Luca Mavelli
pp. 94-102

Religion and the Modern World
An Interview with Tariq Ramadan
pp. 91-98
Free Access

Book Reviews
pp. 103-113