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Volume 4, Number 2, February 2009:
The Politics of Nuclear Technology in the Twenty-first Century

Editorial Introduction: The Politics of Nuclear Technology in the Twenty-first Century
Martin Bayly and Robert Nelson
pp. 3-7
Free Access

The Concept of 'Tailored Deterrence' in the 'Second Nuclear Age'
John Baylis
pp. 8-23

Illict Nuclear Procurement Networks and Nuclear Proliferation: Challenges for Intelligence, Detection, and Interdiction
Jack Boureston and James A. Russell
pp. 24-50

Kazakhstan's 'Nuclear Renaissance'
Togzhan Kassenova
pp. 51-74

Japan's Nuclear Option: A Debate Revisited
Yuki Tatsumi
pp. 75-91

Climate Change, Energy Security, and Nuclear Power
Milan Ilnyckyj
pp. 92-112

Review Essay: Perkovich and Acton, Abolishing Nuclear Weapons
Elbridge Colby
pp. 113-119
Free Access

A Response to Elbridge Colby
James M. Acton and George Perkovich
pp. 120-123
Free Access

Book Reviews
pp. 124-134