String group bag lunch

In 2013/2014, the Oxford string theory group will continue its informal lunchtime sessions at 12 o'clock each Wednesday during term time, in L5 (or L3) on the mezzanine floor of the Andrew Wiles building. This is a chance to get together once a week to discuss topics of interest in an informal way, and hopefully learn from each other. Unfortunately, no food is allowed in the seminar room, but those who want may continue discussions over lunch at the mezzanine cafeteria after the seminar.

Below is the list of people who have agreed to lead discussions on given weeks, and the corresponding topics. If you wish to suggest a topic you would like to know more about, or volunteer to present something, contact Magdalena, Ricardo or Volker. Remember that we want to keep these sessions informal and discussional. Everything should be done on the whiteboard or verbally (no slides!), and should assume as little prior knowledge as is reasonable.

Schedule for this Semester
Week Date Room Speaker Topic and References
1 30.4. L5 Ricardo Monteiro TBA
2 7.5. L5 Ryo Suzuki Exact Slope and Interpolating Functions in ABJM Theory
3 14.5. L5 Thomas Bachlechner
(visiting from Cornell)
4 21.5. L5 Omar Kidwai TBA
5 28.5. L5 TBA
6 4.6. L5 Alex Thorne TBA
7 11.6. L5 TBA
8 18.6. L5 TBA
Schedule for Other Semesters
Potential future topics
  • Hawking radiation/black hole information loss/Firewalls
  • F-theory continued

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