Prof Luis-Fernando Alday   (Mathematical Institute)
  Prof Philip Candelas, FRS   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Joseph Conlon   (Theoretical Physics)
  Dr Xenia de la Ossa   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Andrew Hodges   (Mathematical Institute)
  Prof Andre Lukas   (Theoretical Physics)
  Prof Lionel Mason   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Andrew O'Bannon   (Theoretical Physics)
  Prof James Sparks   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Andrei Starinets   (Theoretical Physics)
  Dr John Wheater   (Theoretical Physics)

  Dr Susama Agarwala   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Agnese Bissi   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Volker Braun   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Lotte Hollands   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Ville Keranen   (Theoretical Physics)
  Dr Magdalena Larfors   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Arthur Lipstein   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Zhentao Lu   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Tomasz Lukowski   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr David Marsh   (Theoretical Physics)
  Dr Ricardo Monteiro   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Paul Richmond   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Markus Rummel   (Theoretical Physics)
  Dr Ryo Suzuki   (Mathematical Institute)

  Cesar Damian-Ascencio   (Mathematical Institute)
  Dr Jose Francisco Morales   (Mathematical Institute)

DPhil students
  Stephen Angus   (Theoretical Physics)
  Andrei Constantin   (Theoretical Physics)
  Michael Enciso   (Mathematical Institute)
  Daniel Farquet   (Mathematical Institute)
  Martin Fluder   (Mathematical Institute)
  Yvonne Geyer   (Mathematical Institute)
  Saso Grozdanov   (Theoretical Physics)
  Nikolaos Kaplis   (Theoretical Physics)
  Omar Kidwai   (Mathematical Institute)
  Michael Klaput   (Theoretical Physics)
  Carolina Matte Gregory   (Mathematical Institute)
  Challenger Mishra   (Theoretical Physics)
  Andrew Powell   (Theoretical Physics)
  Jakub Sikorowski   (Theoretical Physics)
  Chuang Sun   (Theoretical Physics)
  Eirik Svanes   (Theoretical Physics)
  Alexander Thorne   (Mathematical Institute)
        Prof Andrew Dancer   (Geometry Group)
        Prof Yang-Hui He   (City University, NanKai University and Merton College)
        Prof Nigel Hitchin, FRS   (Geometry Group)
        Prof Dominic Joyce, FRS   (Geometry Group)
        Dr Jock McOrist   (University of Surrey)
        Prof Graham Ross, FRS   (Theoretical Physics)
        Dr David Skinner   (DAMTP, University of Cambridge)
        Dr Balazs Szendroi   (Geometry Group)

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