As with all ventures of this nature there are several people who deserve a major vote of thanks. In most cases this is for the encouragement and support to continue this venture. These include: Stewart Brookes, Pat Conner, Marilyn Deegan, Malcolm Godden, Sarah Porter, and Barbara Raw. However, I would like to single out two people in particular for special thanks. The first is Janet Bately who read through the last but one draft and provided some very helpful comments. The second, and most important, is Jane Roberts who has seen this publication through from its initial proposal as PhD thesis back in 1988 to what you see before you now. Thanks Jane.

Stuart Lee

March, 1999

Prior to the first release of this site several people, as the result of a posting on ANSAX-L, gave up time to beta-test it. My thanks go to: Chuck Barnitz, Virginia Blanton, Stewart Brookes, Eddie Christie, Pat Conner, C. Conway, Leslie Donnovan, Malcolm Godden, Sharon Goetz, Toni Healey, Karen Jolly, Brian McFadden, Murray McGillivray, Jane Maurer, Melinda Menzer, Marijane Osborn, Jane Roberts, Tim Romano, Felicia Jean Steel, Jane Toswell, Jonathan Wilcox.