About the Author

To give some brief information: I studied Old English at the University of Keele under Barbara Raw, then moved to do my M.A. in Old English at King's College, London, with Janet Bately and Jane Roberts. In 1992 I completed my PhD at King's (which has manifested itself now in this site) under the supervision of Jane Roberts. Since 1991 I have been working full-time at the University of Oxford in the area of Humanities Computing, but am a member of the English Faculty, and still teach OE literature at the University's Department of Continuing Education. I also run the web site for the Teachers of Old English in Britain and Ireland. You can find out more about me on my personal web page.

However, as this is an electronic edition, any suggestions, corrections, etc., can be accommodated without having to perform any reprints. In return for making this freely available I would love to hear from people who are using this in their teaching, or for their own study. Furthermore, if you spot anything that is wrong then please let me know!

Stuart Lee (Stuart.Lee@oucs.ox.ac.uk)

Head of the Centre for Humanities Computing

University of Oxford