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This on-line publication is the First Edition. It was published in April, 1999. This page will note all subsequent editions and the changes made therein. The Editions will be archived with the United Kingdom's Oxford Text Archive to try to safeguard their longevity. Permission has been granted for users to print out this material for non-profit educational use only and to link to it (but please notify the site owner if you do so). Users are not permitted to mirror this site, or mount any documents in their entirety without seeking prior permission from the author. I am happy for people to cite the edition or quote from it (but not to re-edit it) in print or in electronic publications, as long as there is an appropriate reference to the source of the material (e.g. Author, Title, Date of Publication, Main URL, and specific URL if citing a particular section), and people obey the principle of 'fair use'. All material is © Stuart D. Lee, 1999.

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