Introduction: Speaking the Truth

This short section is taken from the homily on Judith written by Ælfric. As with the main editions you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to see the texts. If you do not have one of these you can simply download one for free from the Adobe site (get 3.x or higher).

The text chosen is from the end of the homily. It contains Ælfric's explanation of his narrative, pointing out the reasons why the story of Judith should be read by as wide an audience as possible. The homily does not survive in its complete form and we are missing the closing additional Life of St. Malchus.

The story so far...

Judith, the beautiful widow, has saved her fellow Jews by assassinating the evil Holofernes who led an army against them. Praised by her people, she thanks the Lord and attributes her victory to His power. Ælfric now seeks to explain the validity of the story and its importance to all Christians.

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Stuart Lee (the Editor)