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a, adv. forever, always.

abæd, see abiddan.

abbod, m. abbot, cleric.

abeah, see abugan.

<abelgan>, 3, to offend.

<abeodan>, 2, to announce.

abidan, 1, to wait.

<abiddan>, 5, to ask.

<ablicgan>, I, to grow pale.

abolgen, see abelgan.

abrecan, 4, to destroy.

abudon, see abeodan.

abugan, 2, to bow, bend, do reverence to.

abutan, adv., round about.

ac, conj., but, however.

<acennan>, 1, to give birth to.

acennednys, f., birth.

acuman, 4, to endure.

acwellan, I, to kill, destroy.

adilegian, adylegian, II, to destroy, obliterate.

adon, anom. vb., to remove, take away.

<adræfan>, I, to drive away, rout.

<adrencan>, I, to drown.

<adrifan>, 1, to drive away, expel.

adune, adv., down.

adydon, see adon.

adylegian, see adilegian.

aeode, see a-gan.

<afandian>, II, to try, test.

<afeallan>, 7, to fall down.

<afedan>, I, to bring up.

<afindan>, 3, to find, discover.

<afligan>, I, to expel, put to flight.

<aflyman>, I, to put to flight, cause to flee.

after, prep. (w. d.), after.

afylan, 1, to foul, defile.

<afyllan>, I, to fill.

<afyrhtan>, I, to frighten, terrify.

<a-gan>, anom. vb., to happen.

agan, pret pres. vb., to own, possess.

agen, adj. (all forms strong), own.

<ageotan>, 2, to pour out, shed.

<agrafan>, 6, to carve.

<ahebban>, 6, to lift up, exalt.

ahon, 7, to hang, crucify.

<ahreddan>, I, to set free, save, rescue.

ahredding, f., salvation, freedom.

ahwar, ahwær, adv., anywhere.

<aidlian>, II, to make void, nullify.

<alædan>, I, to lead away.

aleat, see alutan.

alecgan, I, to lay down, cast down.

<alefian>, II, to injure, enfeeble.

alutan, 2, to bend, bow down.

<alyfan>, I, to allow, grant.

<alysan>, I, to set free, deliver, redeem.

alysednes, alysednys, f., deliverance, redemption.

<amansumian>, II, cast aside (totally), spurn.

ameldian, II, to make known, disclose.

<amundian>, II, to protect.

amyrran, I, to destroy.

an, pron. adj., one, a certain, single.

ana, adj. and adv., alone, only.

anbidian, andbidian, II, to await, expect.

and, conj., and. (7, the Tironian sign, not listed, and).

andaga, m., a fixed day, appointed day.

andetnys, f., thanksgiving, acknowledgement.

andgit, n., meaning, sense, interpretation.

andsæte, adj., hateful, repugnant.

andswaru, f., answer.

andwlita, m., face, countenance.

<andwyrdan>, I, to answer.

angsumnyss, f., distress.

<ge-angsumian>, II, to trouble, perplex.

<ge-anlæcan>, I, to assemble.

anlicnys, f., image.

anmodlice, adv., unanimously, of one accord.

anmod, adj., unanimous.

annys, f., unity.

anræd, adj., steadfast, resolute.

anrædlice, adv., resolutely (without hesitation).

anrædnys, f., steadfastness, resolution.

ansund, adj., perfect, entire, in good health.

ansyn, n., countenance, face.

antimber, n., matter, material.

anweald, m., power, realm, rule, authority.

apostol, m., apostle.

<arian>, I, to spare, be merciful to.

aræran, I, to erect, build, establish, raise.

ardlice, adv., swiftly, quickly.

arfæstnys, f., piety.

arisan, 1, to arise, rise up (in revolt).

arleas, adj., impious, infamous.

arn, see yrnan.

arwurþe, adj., honourable.

arwurþness, f., distinguished.

<asændan, asendan>, I, to send (forth).

<asettan>, I, to place, set.

asittan, 5, to wait. ut asittan, to starve out

<aslean>, 6, to strike.

<aspringan>, 3, to spring forth.

astah, see astigan.

<astandan>, 6, to stand up.

<astellan>, I, to establish, ordain.

<astigan>, 1, to climb, ascend.

astod see astandan.

<ateon>, 2, to draw, pluck.

<ateorian>, II, to fail, come to an end.

aþor, pron., either.

awæg, awege, adv., away.

awearp, see awurpan.

<awendan>, I, to turn, change.

awestan, I, to lay waste.

awreccan, I, to arouse, awaken.

awritan, 1, to write about, write down, record.

awurpan, 3, to cast off, out, aside.

<axian>, II, to ask.

<ge-axian>, II, to learn, discover.


æ, f., law, particularly divine law.

æadmodnes, see eadmodnes.

æfnung, f., evening.

æfre, adv., ever.

æfter, prep. (w.d.), after.

æftra, comp. adj., second, next.

æht, f., possessions, goods.

ælc, pron. adj., each, every.

ælfremed, adj., strange, foreign.

ælmihtig, ælmihtiga, adj., almighty, (as nooun) The Almighty.

ælmysse, f., alms.

æmn, even, level. on æmn, in total (see notes)

ændebyrdnes, f., order, sequence. be ændebyrdnesse, in order

æne, adv., once.

ænglas, see engel.

ænig, pron. adj., any.

ænlic, adj., wondrous.

ænlice, adv., wondrously.

ænne, see an.

æppeltun, m., orchard.

ær, adv. before, previously.

ær, adj., early.

ærendgewrit, n., letter.

ærendraca, m., messenger.

ærest, adv., first.

ærist, m. or n., resurrection.

æran (þe), conj., before

æt, prep. (w. d.), at.231, etc.

ætberstan, 3, to escape, break away from.

æte, see etan.

æteowian, II, to demonstrate.

<ætfleon>, 2, to flee, escape.

ætforan, prep. (w. d.), before, in the presence of.

ætgædere, adv., together.

<ætywan>, I, to show, reveal.

æwfæstlice, adv., firm (in observing religious law).


ban, n., bone.

bæc, n., back.

bæd, bædon, see biddan.

be, prep. (w. d.), by, about, concerning, etc.

bead, see beodan.

beah, m., ring.

bealdlice, adv., boldly.

ge-bealh, see ge-belgan.

bealo, n., evil, wickedness.

bearn, n., child, son.

<beatan>, 7, to beat, strike.

<bebeodan>, 2, to bid, command.

bebod, n., command.

<bebyrgan>, I, to bury.

bec see boc.

<becreopan>, 2, to creep (secretly).

becuman, 4, to come (to), come to pass, befall.

beddclaþ, m., bedspread, sheet.

bed, n., bed, couch.

ge-bed, n., prayer, petition.

ge-bedda, m., consort, wife.

beeodon, see began.

<befeallen>, 7, to fall into.

<befon>, 7, to envelop, surround.

befotian, II, to cut off the feet.

<befrinan>, 3, to ask.

began, anom. vb., to perform, engage in.

begeat, m., gain, property, acquisition.

begen, pron. adj., both.

<beginnan>, 3, to begin.

<behamelian>, II, to mutilate.

<behatan>, 7, to promise (w. d. of person).

behættian, II, to scalp.

behydan, I, to hide.

<belæwan>, I, to betray, disclose the existence of.

beleac, see belucan.

<ge-belgan>, 3, to become angry (w. reflexive).

<belifan>, 1, to remain, be left.

belimp, n., occurrence, happening.

<belucan>, 2, to lock, imprison.

<bemænan>, I, to bewail, lament.

bend, m. or f., bond.

<beodan>, 2, to command (w.a. of object, d. of person).

beon/wesan, anom. vb., to be.

ge-beor, m., guest.

beorg, m., hill.

ge-beorg, n., defence.

beorgan, 3, to preserve, guard, save.

<ge-beorgan>, 3, to preserve, protect.

ge-beorscipe, m., feast.

ge-beot, n., boast.

beran, 4, to bear, bring, carry.

<ge-beran>, 4, to bear (a child).

berædan, I, to betray, take by treachery.

<bereafian>, II, to seize, despoil.

besanc, see besincan.

<besceawian>, II, to observe, consider.

<besecgan>, III, to announce.

<besengan>, I, to burn.

<besettan>, I, to surround.

beseon, 5, to look.

<besincan>, 3, to sink.

<besittan>, 5, to surround, besiege.

besmitennys, f., (sexual) defilement, impurity.

best, adv., best, most.

<bestingan>, 3, to thrust, push.

<beswican>, 1, to deceive, overcome.

<beswincan>, 3, to labour for, till.

<beswingan>, 3, to beat, flog.

<besylian>, II (orig. I), to stain, defile.

<ge-betan>, I, to make amends for.

betæcan, I, to entust, commit, give up.

betwux, adv. and prep. (w. d.), between, among.

betwynan, prep. (w.d.), between, among.

<betynan>, I, to close, shut.

<bewendan>, I, to turn, turn round, convert.

<bewepan>, 7, to weep over.

bewerian, I, to defend, protect.

<bewindan>, 3, to bind round, wind round.

bibliothece, f., The Bible.

<bicnian>, II, to beckon, summon.

biddan, 5, to ask, entreat, pray.

ge-biddan, 5, to pray.

ge-bigan, ge-bigean, I, to bend, humble, convert.

biggencg, biggeng, m., worship, practice.

bigleofa, m., food, sustinance.

bih, see bugan.

<bindan>, 3, to bind.

ge-bindan, 3, to bind.

binnan, binnon, adv. and prep. (w. d.), within.

biter, adj., bitter.

<blawan>, 7, to blow.

blawung, f., blowing, trumpet-blowing.

<bletsian, ge-bletsian>, II, to bless.

bletsung, f., blessing.

blind, adj., blind.

<ge-blindfellian>, I, to blindfold.

bliss, blyss, f., bliss, joy, happiness.

<blissian, ge-blissian>, II, to rejoice.

bliþe, adv., joyously.

bliþe, adj., glad, joyous.

blod, n., blood.

boc, f., book.

bocere, m., author, scholar, scribe.

bodig, n., trunk, body.

<ge-bogian>, II, to inhabit.

bosm, m., bosom.

brad, adj. broad.

breme, adj. famous, glorious.

brice, m., use, enjoyment.

<bringan>, 3, to bring.

ge-bringan, 3, to bring.

broþor, m., brother.

brucan, 2, to enjoy (w. g.).

bryd, f., bride.

bugan, ge-bugan, 2, to turn, submit.

bundon, see bindan.

burcniht, m., chamberlain.

burg, burh, f., (fortified) town, city.

ge-burge, see ge-beorgan.

burhgeat, n., city-gate.

burhmann, m., citizen.

burhscir, f., township, city.

burhware, mpl., citizens.

burþe(g)n, m., chamberlain, chancellor.

buta, adj., both. npf.

butan, buton, conj. and prep. (w. a. or d.), without, except.

byld, f., boldness.

<ge-byldan>, I, to embolden.

byme, f., trumpet.

ge-byrd, f., birth, parentage.

<ge-byrian>, II, to behove, belong to.

byrig, see burg.

byrle, m., cup-bearer.

byrne, f., corselet, coat-of Mail.

bysmor, m. or n., shame, disgrace.

bysmorfull, adj., shameful.

bysmorlic, adj., shameful, ignominious.

bysmorlice, adv., shamefully.

bysen, f., example, model.

ge-bysnung, f., example, pattern.

bytst, see biddan.


caflice, adv., boldly.

ge-camp, m., battle.

casere, m., emperor, Caesar.

ceastergewaran, mpl., citizens.

cempa, m., warrior.

cene, cena, adj. brave.

cenlice, adv., boldly.

<ge-ceosan>, 2, to choose.

gecorenan (refering to God's elect)

ceowan, 7, to chew.

<ge-cigan>, I, to call, invoke.

cild, n., child.

clawu, f., claw, hoof.

clæne, adj., clean, pure, chaste.

clænlice, adv., with purity, chastely.

clænnes, clænnys, f., purity, virginity, chastity.

<ge-clænsian>, II, to cleanse.

cliferfete, adj., cloven-footed.

clypian, II, to call, cry out.

cnapa, m., boy, youth.

ge-cnæwe, adj., knowing, conscious.

ge-cneordnys, f., diligence.

cneowgebed, n., a prayer on bended knees.

cneow, n., knee.

cniht, m., boy, servant.

com, come, comon, see cuman.

gecorene, gecorenan, see ge-ceosan.

corn, n., corn.

costnung, f., temptation.

cranic, m., chronicle, record.

cræft, m., skill, cunning.

cucu, cwic, adj., alive.

cudu, n., cud.

<cuman>, 4, to come.

<cunnan>, pret. pres. vb., to know, be acquanited with.

cuð, adj., known.

cuðlæcan, I, to become known to, become friendly with.

cuðlice, adv. clearly, openly.

cwæð, cwædon, see cweðan.

cweartern, n., prison.

cwellere, m., killer.

cwen, f., queen.

<cweðan, ge-cweðan>, to say, resolve, speak.

cwic, see cucu.

cwyde, m., discourse, saying, homily.

cwylmincg, f., suffering, tribulation.

cydde, cyddon, see cyþan.

ge-cynd, n., nature, kind.

cynegyrd, f., sceptre.

cynehelm, m., crown.

cynehlaford, m., sovereign, liege-lord.

cynelic, adj., royal, noble, kingly.

cynerice, n., royal authority, kingdom, reign.

cynescipe, m., royalty.

cynestol, m., throne.

cyning, cynincg, kynin(c)g, m. king.

cynn, n., race, family.

cyrce, f., church.

<cyrran>, I, to turn, return.

ge-cyrran, I, to turn, return, repent.

cyrten, adj., beautiful, elegant.

<cyssan>, I, to kiss.

cyan, I, to declare, make known.

cyðnys, ge-cyðnes, ge-cyðnys, f., testimony.

cyð, f., kinship, friendship.


daga, dagas, dagum see dæg.

dæd, f. deed.

dædbot, f., repentance.

dæg, m., day.

dæghwamlice, adv., daily.

dægred, n., day-break, dawn.

dæl, m., portion, quantity, part.

<dælan>, I, to distribute.

dead, adj., dead.

dear, see durran.

deaþ, m., death.

deofol, m., devil, the devil.

deofolgild, deofolgyld, n., idol, statue of pagan god, idolatry.

deoflic, adj., devilish, of the devil.

deop, adj., deep.

deor, n., animal.

deorwurþe, adj., precious.

derian, II, to injure (w. d.).

derigendlic, adj., injurious, noxious.

dest, see don.

digel, n., secret, hiding place.

diht, m., direction, command, intention.

<dihtan>, I, to compose.

dohtor, f., daughter.

dom, m., judgement, glory.

don, anom. vb., to do, perform, confer, bring about.

dorste, see durran.

<ge-dræfan>, 1, to be driven away.

drænc, m., drink.

dream, m., music.

<dreccan>, I, to afflict, torment.

drihten, m., lord, the Lord.

drihtenlic, adj., lordly, divine.

<drincan>, 3, to drink.

dumb, adj. dumb.


duru, f., door.

<dwelian>, II, to err, be led into error.

(ge)dyde, see don.

dyre, adj., dear.

dyrling, m., loved one, favourite.

dyrne, adj., secret, hidden.

dyrstig, adj., presumptuous, reckless.

<ge-dyrstlæcan>, I, to presume.

dyslic, adj., foolish, stupid.


ea, f., river.

eac, adv., also.

eaca, m., increase. to eacan, in addition to.

eadignys, f., blessedness, bliss.

<ge-eadmedan>, I, to humble.

eadmod, adj., humble.

eadmodnys, f., humility.

eahta, num., eight.

eald, adj., old, ancient (especially applied to the law of Moses, the Old Testament, see Pope p.850).

ealdcy, f., ancient kin, ancient friendship.

<ealdian>, II, to grow old.

ealdor, m., prince, leader.

ealdordom, m., sovereignty, authority.

ealdorman(n), m., prince, nobleman, lord.

eall, adj., all.

eall, adv., fully, entirely.

ealles, adv., altogether, entirely.

eallswa, adv., also, likewise.

eallwealdende, adj., all-ruling.

eard, m., country, homeland, dwelling-place.

eardian, II, to dwell, live.

eare, n., ear.

earfoðe, adj., hard, grievous.

earfoðnes, earfoðnys, f., hardship, difficulty.

<eargian>, II, to be lazy, cowardly.

earhlic, adj., timid.

earmlic, adj., wretched, miserable.

earmlice, adv., piteously.

eart, see beon/wesan.

east, adv., east, eastward.

easterne, adj., eastern.

east(e)weard, adj., eastward.

eaþelic, adj., easy.

eaðelice, adv., easily.

ece, adj., eternal.

ecg, f., edge.

ecnys, f., eternity.

<ge-edcucian>, II, to re-quicken, revive.

efne, adv., even, just. efne. a, just then

<efstan>, I, to hasten.

eft, adv. afterwards, again.

ege, m., awe, fear.

egefulla, adj., awe-inspiring.

egeslic, adj., terrifying, awesome.

egeslice, adv., terribly.

<ge-egsian>, II, to frighten.

eger, pron., each.

<ehtan>, I, to pursue (w. g.).

ehtnys, f., persecution.

elles, adv., by other means, in another manner, otherwise.

embe, prep. (w. a.), about, with regard to.

embscrydan, I, to clothe.

emn, adj., calm, unchanged.

ende, m., end, conclusion.

endebyrdnys, f., order, class.

endeleas, adj. endless.

endemes, adv., in a body, one and all. ealle endemes, all without exception

<ge-endian>, II, to bring to an end, die.

ge-endung, f., ending.

engel, m., angel.

enlic, adj. elegant, noble.

ent, m., giant.

eode, eodon, see gan.

eom, see beon/wesan.

eorod, n., troop (of cavalry).

eorþ, f., earth.

eorþlic, adj., earthly.

eorþstyrung, f., earthquake.

eow, see þu.

eower, poss. adj., your.

estmete, m., delicacy.

etan, 5, to eat.

eðel, m. or n., country, native-land.

eðelboren, adj., noble-born.