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facn, n., deceit, treachery.

faran, 6, to fare, go, behave.

<ge-faran>, 6, to obtain.

faru, f., troops.

fatum, see fæt.

fæder, m., father.

fædera, m., paternal uncle.

fæger, adj., beautiful, pleasing.

fægernys, ge-fægernys, f., beauty.

fær, n., journey, expedition.

færlice, adv., suddenly, unexpectedly.

fæstan, I, to fast.

fæste, adv., fast, firmly, securely.

fæsten, n., fast.

fæstlice, adv., resolutely, vigorously.

fæt, n., vessel.

fætels, m., container, bag, receptacle.

feaht, see feohtan.

feala, see fela.

feawa, pron. adj., few.

<feallan>, 7, to fall.

feccan, I, to fetch, obtain, bring.

<fegan>, I, to join, unite.

fela, feala, pron. adj. indecl., many, much.

fell, n., skin.

feng, fenge, fengon, see fon.

feoh, n., goods, wealth, money.

feohtan, 3, to fight.

feoht, ge-feoht, n., fight, battle.

feol, feolle, feollon see feallan.

<feolan>, 3, to enter (into a state of).

feond, m., fiend, enemy.

feondlic, adj., hostile.

feorh, n., life.

feorm, f., feast.

<feormian>, II, to supply with food, entertain.

feorþa, adj., fourth.

feos, see feoh.

feower, num., four.

feowertig, num., forty.

ge-fera, m., companion.

<feran>, I (only in.

<ge-feran>, I, to attain, gain.

fercung, f., sustenance, food.

ferian, II, to carry, convey, transport.

<feþan>, I, to walk, go on foot.

fif, num., five.

fifta, adj., fifth.

<findan>, 3, to find.

firste, see fyrst.

fisc, m., fish.

fla, f., arrow.

flæsc, n., meat.

flæsclic, adj., fleshly, material.

fleam, m., flight.

fleon, 2, to flee.

ge-flit, n., accusation, strife.

flocmælum, adv., in flocks, in bands.

flotmann, m., pirate, Viking.

<flowan>, 7, to flow.

fola, m., calf.

folc, n., people, race, folk, host.

folclic, adj., of the people, common, popular.

<folgian>, II, to follow, serve (w. d.).

fon, 7, to take (up, to), join.

<ge-fon>, 7, to take, catch.

for, prep. (mainly w. d.), for.

foranniht, f., early part of the night.

forbærnan, I, to burn up, consume.

<forberan>, 4, to endure, suffer.

<forbeodan>, 2, to forbid.

forbugan, 2, to avoid, pass by.

forceorfan, 3, to cut off.

forcuþ, adj. wicked, unclean, impure.

forcuþlic, adj., wrong, bad.

ford, m., ford.

fordeman, I, to condemn.

fordon, anom. vb., to bring to ruin, destroy.

fordrencan, 5, to intoxicate, stupefy (with drink).

<fordyttan>, I, to obstruct.

fore, prep. (w. d.), for the sake of, on behalf of.

<foresecgan>, III, to mention before.

<foresceawian>, II, to pre-ordain.

forespræca, m., advocate, mediator.

forgegan, forgægan, I, to transgress, go against.

<forgifan>, 5, to give.

<forhtian>, II, to be afraid.

forlætan, 7, to let go, leave, abandon, forsake.

<forlicgan>, 5, to commit fornication.

forliger, m., adulterer, fornicator.

<forniman>, 4, to seize, possess.

forscyldegod, adj., condemned, sin-stained, guilty.

forseon, 5, to despise, scorn, bring shame on, neglect.

forsewennys, f., contempt.

<forslean>, 6, to cut off, sever.

<forsacan>, 6. to renounce.

forswelgan, 3, to swallow, up.

forþ, adv., forth, onward, from that time on.

forþan, forþam, adv., for that reason. as prep. forþan þe, because.

forþberan, 4, to bear forth, carry forth.

<forðfaran>, 6, to die.

forðgang, m., progress, success.

<ge-forþian>, II, to send forth, further.

forþræcan, I, to stretch forth, stick out.

forþsiþ, m., death.

forþi, forþy, adv., for that reason, therefore.

forwurþan, 3, to perish, be destroyed.

forwyrd, f., destruction, ruin.

fot, m., foot.

fracodlice, adv., wickedly, with evil intent.

fram, prep. (w. d.), from.

frecednes, frecednys, f., danger, peril, harm.

<ge-frefrian>, II, to comfort.

<fremman>, II, to avail, benefit.

<ge-fremman>, II, to perform.

freo, see frig.

<freogean>, II, to set free.

freolsdæg, m., festival day, festival.

freond, m., friend, lover.

freondscipe, m., friendship, love.

frig, adj., free.

friþ, m., peace.

frofer, f., consolation, solace.

fruma, m., beginning, origin. æt fruman, at first.

fugel, m., bird.

fuhton, see feohtan.

ful(l), adj., full.

ful, adj., foul.

fule, adv., foully.

fulge, see feolan.

fultum, m., help, reinforcements, army.

<ge-fultumian>, II, to help, support, assist.

funde, fundon, see findan.

furþon, adv., even, indeed.

fylan, I, to foul, defile.

ge-fylce, n., band of men.

<fylgan>, I, to follow (w. d.).

<ge-fyllan>, I, to fulfill, perform, complete, fill.

<fylstan>, I, to support, help (w. d.).

fylþ, f., filth, impurity.

fynd, see feond.

fyr, n., fire.

fyrd, f., army.

<fyrdian>, II, to campaign, fight.

fyrding, f., army, division.

fyrdlaf, f., remnant of army.

fyrdwic, n., camp.

fyren, adj., fiery.

fyrhtu, f., fright, dread.

fyrlen, n., distance. on fyrlene, in the distance.

fyrlen, adj., far off, distant, remote.

fyrmest, adv., first.

ge-fyrn, adv., long ago.

fyrnfull, adj., sinful.

fyrnlice, adv., sinfully.

fyrran, adv., from afar.

fyrst, m. or n., period, space of time.


gaderian, II, to collect, store up.

<ge-gaderian>, II, to gather, unite.

ge-gaderung, f., gathering.

galnes, galnys, f., immorality.

gan, anom. vb., to go, walk.

<gangan>, 7, to go, come.

gast, m., spirit.

gastlic, adj., spiritual.

gastlice, adv. spiritually.

ge, conj. usually as corr., both.and.

ge, pron., see þu.

gealga, m., gallows.

gear, n., year.

ge-gearcian, II, to prepare.

gearu, adj. ready.

geat, n., gate.

geond, prep. (w. a.), beyond, through, throughout.

geong, iung, adj., young.

georne, adv. eagerly, earnestly.

get, see git, gyt.

gif, conj., if.

gifu, f., gift, grace.

git, get, gyt, adv., yet, still.

gitsung, f., avarice, greed,.

<gladian, ge-gladian>, II, to make glad.

glædlic, adv., cheerfully.

<ge-glengan>, I, to adorn.

god, God, m., God, a god.

god, adj., good, various.

godeweb, n., precious cloth.

godnys, f., goodness.

godspel, n., gospel.

godspelbodung, f., teaching of the gospel.

gold, n., gold.

goldhord, m., treasure.

gram, adj., angry.

grama, m., anger, wrath.

gramlic, adj., fierce, cruel.

<gremian, ge-gremian>, II, to enrage, provoke.

<grimetan>, I, to rage, roar.

<ge-gripan>, 1, to grip.

grund, m., bottom.

grundlunga, adv., entirely, to the ground.

gyft, f., marriage (in pl.).

gylden, adj., golden.

gylt, m., sin, offence.

gyman, f., care.

<gyman>, I (w. g.), to take care of, heed.

gymm, m., gem.

<gynan>, I, to drive back.

gyrla, m., dress.


habban, III, to have, hold, enjoy, entertain.

halig, adj., holy (one).

haligdom, m., holiness, sanctuary, relics.

halwende, adj., salutary.

ham, m., home. æt ham (w. endingless locative)

ham, hamwerd, hamweard, adv., homewards.

hand, f., hand.

hara, m., hare.

harwencge, adj., grey-haired.

<hatan>, 7, to order, call.

ge-hathyrt, adj., irritated, angry.

<hatian>, II, to hate.

hatte, see hatan.

hæftned, f., captivity.

hæl, f., salvation.

<ge-hælan>, I, to heal.

hælend, m., saviour, the Saviour.

hære, f., haircloth, sackcloth.

hærereaf, n., booty.

hærfestlic, adj., of autumn.

hæs, f., command.

hæte, f., heat.

hæþen, adj., heathen.

hæþengild, n., idolatry, idol.

hæenscipe, hæ enscype, m., paganism, heathen belief.

he, m., heo, f., hit, n., pron. 3rd person, he, she, it.

heafod, n., head, leader.

heafodleahtor, m., deadly sin.

heafodleas, adj. headless.

heafodmann, m., chief, leader.

heah, adj. high.

heahengel, m., archangel.

heahfæder, m. patriarch.

heahsetl, n., throne.

heahþegen, m., minister.

healdan, ge-healdan, 7, to hold, sustain, guard, govern.

healf, f., side.

healf, adj., half.

ge-healtsumnys, f., abstinence.

healic, adj., lofty.

heardheortnys, f., hardness of heart.

heard, adj., hard.

hearmian, II, to harm, injure.

hell, f., hell.

helm, m., crown.

<helpan, ge-helpan>, 3, to help.

gehende, prep. (w. d.), near.

heofonlic, heofonlica, adj., heavenly.

heofon, m., heaven.

heofung, f., lamentation.

heom, see he.

heononfor, adv., henceforth.

heorte, f., heart.

her, adv., here.

here, m., army.

heredon, see herian.

herelaf, f., battle legacy, survivors.

herereaf, n., booty, plunder.

heretoga, m., leader, general.

<ge-hergian>, II, to lay waste, overrun.

herian, II, to praise.

ge-hersum, ge-hyrsum, adj., obedient.

ge-hersumian, II, to obey.

het, hete, heton, see hatan.

hetelice, adv., malignantly, savagely.

hetol, adj., hostile.

hi, see he.

<hihtan, ge-hihtan>, I, to trust.

hindan, adv., from behind, behind.

hired, m., household, family.

hiredmann, m., retainer, officer.

hiw, n., form, appearance.

hiwa, m., member of household, servants.

<hiwian>, II, to pretend, transform.

hiwung, f., pretence.

hlaford, m., lord.

hlisa, m., fame, repute.

hlisfull, adj., famous.

hlud, adj. loud.

hlude, adv. loudly.

hlyd, f., din.

ge-hlyd, m., noise, tumult.

<hlydan>, I, to make loud, resound, shout.

hlysfullice, adv. gloriously.

hnecca, m., neck, nape of neck.

ge-hofod, adj., hoofed.

<hogian>, II, to think, worry, consider (with embe, to worry about).

holdlice, adv., graciously, kindly.

<hopian>, II, to put trust in.

hopscyte, f., sheet.

hors, n., horse.

horscniht, m., groom.

ge-horsed, adj., mounted (cavalry).

hosp, m., reproach, insult, blasphemy.

hraþe, adv., quickly, soon.

hraðor, the sooner

hream, m., tumult, lamentation, sorrow.

hu, adv., how.

ge-hulpe, see helpan.

hund, hundred, num., hundred. hundredes ealdor, centurion.

hundeahtatig, num., eighty.

hundfeald, adj., hundredfold.

hundseofontig, num., seventy.

hundteontig, num., hundred.

hundtwelftig, num., one hundred and twenty.

hunger, m., famine, hunger.

huru, adv. at least.

hus, n., house.

hux, m., mockery, insult.

huxlice, adv., shamefully.

hwa, m. or f., hwæt, n., interr. pron., sometimes used as a relative pron., who, what.

hwa, m., (f.), hwæt, n., indef. pron., someone, anyone, something.

hwanon, adv., whence.

ge-hwanon, adv., from everywhere.

hwæl, m., whale.

hwæne see hwa.

hwænne, adv., when.

ge-hwær, adv., everywhere.

hwæt, interj., lo. See also hwa.

hwæþer, conj., whether.

hwer, m., pot, bowl.

hwi, see hwa.

hwil, f., time, while.

hwilc, adj, what (sort of), which.

hwit, adj., white, pure.

ge-hwylc, indef. pron. and adj., each, many.

<ge-hwyrfan>, 3, to turn, return.

hyldo, f., friendship, favour.

hylt, see healdan.

<hynan, ge-hynan>, I, to injure, lay low, humble, kill.

ge-hyran, I, to hear, obey.

hyrdeleas, adj., untended, without a shepherd.

ge-hyrsum, see ge-hersum.

<ge-hyrtan>, I, to encourage, animate, refresh.


ic, pron. 1st person, I.

idel, n., emptiness, vanity. on idel, in vain

incund, adj., internal, earnest.

inn, adv., in.

inn, n., house.

into, prep. (w. d.), into.

is, see beon/wesan.

iu, adv., of old, formerly.

iunge, iungum, see geong.

iungling, m., young one, youth.


kynin(c)g, see cyning.


la, interj., lo.

lac, n., gift, sacrifice.

laf, f., relict, widow.

lagu, f., law.

lagon, see licgan.

ge-lamp, see ge-limpan.

land, n., land.

lang, adj., long.

lange, adv., long, long after.

langsum, adj., long (in duration), lengthy.

lar, f., teaching.

lareow, m., teacher.

<ge-laþian>, II, to summon, invite, call in.

ge-laþung, f., church, assembly.

<ge-læccan>, I, to seize, attack, grasp.

<lædan, ge-lædan>, I, to lead, take, bring, convey

<læfan>, I, to leave (behind).

læg, see licgan.

ge-læhte, see ge-læccan.

læran, I, to teach, instruct.

ge-læstan, I, to carry out, grant.

lætan, 7, to let, allow, leave behind, cause.

leaf, f., leave, permission.

ge-leafa, m., faith.

ge-leafful, adj., faithful, believing.

ge-leafleast, f., unbelief, faithlessness.

leahter, m., vice, sin, offence.

leas, adj., false.

leasung, f., lying, falsehood.

ge-lefed, ge-lefende, see ge-lyfan.

leod, f., people of a country (sg.), nation (collectively).

leodscipe, m., nation. people.

leof, adj., dear, beloved.

leofa, leofode, see libban.

<leogan>, 2, to lie (about), betray.

leogore, m., liar.

leoht, n., light.

leohtlice, adv., slightly, lightly, easily.

leo, m., lion.

leornian, II, to learn.

lete, leton, see lætan.

libban, lybban, III, to live.

lic, n., body.

ge-lic, adj., alike.

<lician, ge-lician>, II, to be pleasing to (w. d.).

licgan, 5, to lie (position), lie lifeless.

lichama, m., body.

ge-licnys, f., likeness.

lif, n., life.

lifigendan, see libban.

lifleast, f., loss of life, death.

liget, m., lightning bolt.

lim, n., limb.

<ge-limpan>, 3, to befall.

litlum, see lytel.

lið, see licgan.

<liþegian, ge-liþegian>, II, to assuage, calm.

<locian>, II, to look, take heed.

lof, n., praise, glory.

lofsang, m., song of praise, hymn.

<logian>, II, to lodge, place.

ge-lome, adv., frequently.

<losian>, II, to fail, perish.

<lufian>, II, to love.

lufigendlic, adj., loving, amiable.

ge-lumpe(n), see ge-limpan.

ge-lyfan, I, to believe, believe in.

lyfigendan, see libban.

lyffettan, I, to flatter.

lytel, adj., little.