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ge-maca, m. or f., companion.

macian, II, to make, build.

maga, magas, magum, see mæg.

<magan>,.pret. pres, to be able to, may, can.

man, mann, m., man, person.

man, indef. pron., one.

man, n., crime, wickedness.

manega, manegum, see manig.

manfull, adj., wicked.

manig, adj. pron., many.

manncyn, mancynn, n., race, nation.

mannræden, f., dependence, service.

mara, mæra, comp. adj. of micel, greater.

martir, m., martyr.

maþm, m., precious thing, treasure.

maþmcleofa, m., treasure chamber.

maþmfæt, n., precious vessel.

mæden, n., maiden, woman, virgin.

mædenmann, m., girl, maiden, virgin.

mæg, m., kinsman.

mæg, mæge, see magan.

mæg, f., generation, race, tribe.

mæghad, m., virginity.

mænigfealde, see menigfeald.

mære, adj., glorious, famous.

mærlic, adj., great, magnificent.

mærlice, adv., impressively, magnificently, with renown.

mærsian, ge-mærsian, II, to glorify.

mærð, f., glory, glorious thing, fame.

mæssedæg, m., mass-day, festival.

mæst,supl. adj. of micel, greatest.

mæþ, f., measure, degree.

me, see ic.

med, f., reward.

men, menn, see mann.

menigfeald, mænigfeald, adj., manifold, various.

meniu, f., crowd, multitude.

mennisc, n., portion of human race, band of men (see Pope, p.889).

mennisc, adj., people, human.

meox, n., filth, dirt.

mergen, see morgen.

mete, m., food.

meteleas, adj., without food.

meteleast, f., want of food.

mic(c)lum, mycclum, adv., greatly.

micel, mycel, adj., great, large.

mid, prep. (w.d.), with, by.

middan, see on middan under on.

middaneard, m., earth, world.

miht, see magan.

miht, f., might, power.

mihte, see magan.

mihtig, adj., mighty.

mihtiglice, adv., mightily.

mihton, see magan.

mildelice, adv., graciously.

mildheortnes, mildheortnys, f., mercy.

<mildsian>, II, to be merciful to.

miltsung, f., mercy.

min, poss. adj., my.

ge-mind, gemynd, n., memory, a remembrance.

<mishealdan>, 7, to neglect, slight.

mislic, adj., various.

mod, n., mind, spirit, courage.

<modegian>, II, to become proud, bear oneself proudly.

modelice, adv., proudly.

moder, modor, f., mother.

modig, adj., proud.

modignes, modignys, f., pride.

monaþ, m., month.

morberige, f., mulberry.

morgen, m., morning.

<motan>, pret. pres. vb., to be permitted, may, must.

<mundian>, II, to guard, protect.

munt, m., mountain, hill.

munuc, m., monk.

muð, m., mouth.

mycclum, see micclum.

mycel, mycele, mycelre, mycclum, see micel.

myderce, f., chest, coffer.

ge-myndig, adj., mindful.

<ge-myntan>, I, to intend, determine.


na, adv., never, not at all, not.

<nabban, ne habban>, III, to have not.

næfre, adv., never.

naht, n., nothing, naught.

nam, name, genam, namon, see niman.

nama, m., name.

namcuð, adj., well-known, celebrated.

nan, adj., not one, no.

nateshwon, adv., not at all.

naþer, adj., neither.

nauela, m. or n., navel.

næfþ, see nabban.

nære, næs, see beon/wesan.

ne, particle, not, nor.

neadian, II, to compel.

<ge-nealæcan>, I, to draw near, approach.

nean, adv., from near, near.

nebwlite, m., face, countenance.

<nellan>, anom. vb. (ne willan), to be unwilling, will not.

neodþearf, f., excessive need, want.

<ge-nerian>, I, to save, deliver, free.

niht, f., night.

nihtes, adv., at night.

ge-nihtsumnes, f., abundance, plenty.

<niman, ge-niman>, 4, to take receive, seize.

nis, see beon/wesan.

niþer, adv., down, downward.

niwe, adj., new.

ge-noh, adj., enough.

nolde, noldon, see nellan.

nu, adv., now.

nunne, f., nun.

<nytan>, pret. pres. vb. (ne witan), not to know.

nyten, n., creature, beast, animal.

nytennys, f., ignorance.


of, prep. (w. d.) or adv., of, from, out of.

ofaxian, II, to learn, find out (by asking).

ofer, prep. (w. a.), over, above.

<ofercuman>, 4, to overcome.

oferfeohtan, 3, to overcome.

<oferferan>, I, to pass, traverse, come upon.

<ofergan>, anom. vb., to go over, overrun.

<oferswiþan>, I, to overpower, overcome.

oferwinnan, 3, to conquer, subdue.

offrian, II, to offer, make a sacrifice.

<ge-offrian>, II, to offer.

offrungspic, n., sacrificial bacon.

<ofhreosan>, 2, to cover.

<oflician>, II, to be displeasing, unpleasant.

ofslean, 6, to slay, kill.

ofost, f., haste, speed.

oft, adv., often

oga, m., fear.

on, prep. (w. d. and a.), on, upon, in, within.

<onbryrdan>, I, to stimulate, incite, stir.

<oncnawan>, 7, to recognize, perceive, acknowledge.

ongean, prep (w. d. and a., often unclear), against, contrary to.

ongebroht, adj., persuaded.

<onginnan>, 3, to begin, endeavour.

onlociend, m., onlooker, spectator.

onsundron, adv., separately.

<ontendan>, I, to kindle, set fire to.

onwinnende, adj. (from.

<ge-openian>, II, to disclose, expose, expound.

ormæte, adj., enormous, immeasurably great.

orwene, adj. (w. g.), despairing.

oð, prep. (w. a. and d.), until, till, to.

oðer, oþær, pron. adj., other, second, another.

oððæt, conj., until.

oððe, conj., or.


palent, f., palace.

paralisyn, m., paralysis.

pell, m., costly robe, pall, purple garment.

pleolic, adj., dangerous.

port, m. or n., gate.

prass, m., array, military force.

preost, m., priest.

pund, n., pound.

purpura, f., purple material or robe.

pytt, m., pit, well, grave.


racu, f., account.

radhors, n., riding horse.

<ræcan>, I, to extend, reach forth.

ræd, m., advice, counsel.

rædan, I, to advise, explain, read, take counsel.

ge-ræde, n., trappings (of horse).

ge-ræded, adj., equipped, saddled and bridled.

rædfæst, adj. wise, prudent.

ræding, f., reading, consultation, deliberation.

ræhte, see ræcan.

<ræsan>, I, to rush.

reaf, n., robe, dress.

reaflac, m. or n., robbery, plunder.

<recan>, I, to care for, be concerned for.

<reccan>, I, to recite, tell.

receleasnys, f., carelessness, negligence.

regol, m., rule.

rehton, see reccan.

ge-reord, n., language, speech.

reþe, adj., fierce, cruel.

reþnys, f., cruelty, ferocity.

rice, n., power, kingdom.

rice, adj., mighty, rich.

ridan, 1, to ride.

ridda, m., horseman, rider.

riftere, m., reaper.

riht, adj., right. on riht, the right way (used adverbially)

<ge-rihtlæcan>, I, to put right, lead, direct.

rihtlic, adj., just.

rihtlice, adv., rightly, justly, truly.

rihtwis, adj., righteous, just.

rihtwisnys, f., righteousness, justice.

ge-riman, I, to number, count.

<ripan>, 1, to re

ge-risan, 1, to befit, be proper.

<rixian>, II, to reign.

<ryman>, I, to extend, widen.


sacerd, m., priest.

<ge-samnian>, II, to gather, assemble, collect.

samod, adv., at the same time, together.

sand, f., repast, food, meal, embassy.

sang, m., song.

sarlice, adv., sorrowfully, sorely.

ge-sawe, see ge-seon.

sawol, sawul, f., soul.

<sawlian>, II, to die.

, f., sea.

sæde, sædon, sægþ, see secgan.

sæl, m., time, occasion. on sumne sæl, on one occasion

ge-sælig, adj., blessed.

ge-sæliglice, adv., blessedly

sæmtinges, adv., immediately, forthwith.

sæt, see sittan.

ge-scead, n., power of reason.

ge-sceadwis, adj., wise.

ge-sceaft, f., creature.

sceal(l), scealt, see sculan.

sceamu, f., shame.

sceand, m., infamous person, shameful one.

sceandlic, adv., shamefully.

sceap, n., sheep.

scearp, adj., sharp, piercing.

sceatt, m., money, pieces of money/coin, property.

sceaðian, II, to hurt, harm, rob.

<sceawian>, II, to look at, see, inspect.

<scencan>, I, to give drink, pour out drink.

sceolde, sceoldon, sceolon, see sculan.

sceort, adj., short, brief.

<sceotian>, II, to shoot.

<scinan>, 1, to shine.

scir, f., district.

scræf, n., cave.

<ge-scrydan>, I, to clothe, dress.

<sculan>,.pret. pres. vb, shall, must, ought, be obbliged to.

<ge-scyldan>, I, to protect.

ge-scyldnes, ge-scyldnys, f., protection.

scyldtruma, m., phalanx.

scylling, m., shilling, a monetary unit.

<ge-scyndan>, I, to put to shame, confound.

<ge-scyppan>, 6, to create.

scyppend, m., creator, the Creator.

scytta, m., archer.

se, m., seo, f., þæt, n., dem. pron., def. art., that, the, he, she, it, who, which.

sealde, sealdon, see syllan.

secan, I, to seek, visit.

ge-secan, I, to seek out, obtain.

secgan, sæcgan, ge-secgan, III, to say, tell, describe, inform.

segen, f., speech, utterance.

selcuþ, adj., unusual, different, novel.

selest, adj. supl. of god, best.

selfum, see sylf.

selre, adj. comp., better.

seltcuþan, see selcuþ.

sendan, I, to send.

<ge-sendan>, I, to send.

seo, see se.

seode, m., custom, habit.

seofon, num., seven.

seofoþa, adj., seventh.

seolfor, n., silver.

ge-seon, 5, to see, realise.

seoþan, 2, to boil, cook.

ge-setnys, f., book, treatise, scripture (Bible), command, law.

settan, I, to set, place, establish, appoint.

<ge-settan>, I, to set, set down, establish, appoint.

<seþan>, I, to affirm, testify.

sibb, f., peace.

sibling, m., relative.

sige, m., victory.

sigefæst, adj., victorious.

ge-sihþ, f., sight, vision.

simle, adv., always, continuously.

sirwung, f., plotting, contrivance.

sittan, 5, to sit, be seated, sit down.

<ge-sittan>, 5, to remain.

siþ, m., fate, experience.

<siþian>, II, to make a journey, go.

si an, see sy an.

six, num., six.

sixtan, adj., sixth.

sixtig, num., sixty.

slaga, m., slayer, killer.

slæp, m., sleep.

<slean>, 6, to strike down, cut off.

slege, m., slaughter, blow.

<slypan>, I, to slip (take something) off.

smeagan, II, to ponder, meditate, contrive.

smeagung, f., reflection, intention.

snæd, f., morsel.

snoterlice, adv., prudently, wisely.

snotor, adj., clever, wise.

softost, adv., softest, most at ease.

ge-sohton, see ge-secan.

sona, adv., immediately, forthwith.

sorh, f., trouble, anxiety, sorrow.

sorhfull, adj., sorrowful.

soþ, adj., true.

soþfæst, adj., true, faithful.

soþfæstnys, f., truth.

soþlice, adv., truly, surely, in truth, indeed.

ge-sped, adj., successful, prosperous.

spel, n., tale, story, discourse.

speow, see spowan.

spicc, n., cut of pork, lard.

<spowan>, 1, to succeed.

spræc, f., speech, word.

<sprecan, ge-sprecan>, 5, to speak.

stanc, see stincan.

<standan>, 6, to stand.

stan, m., stone.

stang, see stingan.

stanweall, m., stone wall.

<stæppan>, 6, to advance.

steaflic, adj. literal.

steap, adj., high, towering.

stede, m., place, position.

steopbearn, n., orphan.

stille, adj., motionless, still.

<stincan>, 3, to stink.

<stingan>, 3, to stab, pierce.

stiþ, adj., stiff, hard.

stod, see standan.

stop, see stæppan.

stow, f., place.

strang, adj., strong.

<ge-strangian>, II, to strengthen, confirm.

stranglice, adv., strongly.

strængþ, f., strength.

stuntnes, f., stupidity, folly.

<ge-styran>, I, to restrain.

sum, pron. adj., some, a certain one.

ge-sund, adj., uninjured, sound.

sunne, f., sun.

sunu, m., son.

susl, f., torment.

suþweard, adj., southward.

swa, adv. and conj., so, as.

swaþeah, adv., however, nevertheless.

sweltan, 3, to die, perish.

ge-swencan, I, to oppress, harrass.

<ge-sweorcan>, 3, to become dark, grow angry.

<swerian>, 6, to swear, take oath.

<ge-swetan>, I, to sweeten.

swicdom, m., fraud, deceit.

swicol, adj., deceitful.

swicollice, adv., treacherously.

swilce, swylce, conj., as, as if, like

swilc, swylc, adj., such.

swin, swyn, n., swine.

ge-swinc, n., labour, hardship.

<swincan>, 3, to work, labour.

swingel, f., scourge, affliction.

swiþe, swyþe, adv., very, greatly, strongly, vehemently.

swiþlic, swyþlic, adj., great, mighty, strong.

swiþor, see swiþe, swyþe.

swor, see swerian.

swulton, see sweltan.

swura, m., neck.

swurd, n., sword.

swustor, f., sister.

swutel, swutol, adj., clear.

<ge-swutelian>, II, to make clear, show, manifest.

swutellice, adv., clearly.

swyltende, see sweltan.

swyn, see swin.

sy, see beon/wesan.

sylf, pron. adj., self.

sylfren, adj., made of silver. sylfrene (see note and gyldene)

<syllan>, I, to give.

syllic, adj., wondrous, strange.

symle, adv., always, ever, continually.

synd, syndon, see beon/wesan.

synn, f., crime, sin.

<syrwan, syrwian>, I, II, to plot, scheme.

syþþan, adv. conj., afterwards, since.