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tacn, tacen, n., sign, miracle.

<ge-tacnian>, II, to signify, betoken, pre-figure.

ge-tacnung, f., meaning, significance.

tallic, adj., blasphemous.

<tawian>, II, to prepare, treat. to bysmore tawode, afflicted, treated shamefully/terribly

tear, m., tear.

teart, adj., severe.

teartlice, adv., severely.

tela, adv., well, rightly, correctly.

<tellan>, I, to count, consider something as (to).

ge-teld, n., tent.

<ge-temian>, II, to tame.

templ, n., temple.

<tengan>, I, to press, hasten, proceed.

<teon>, 2, to draw, pull.

teona, m., injury, insult.

teonfull, adj., spiteful.

teonræden, f., wrong, injury.

tid, f., hour, time, season.

<tihtan>, I, to persuade, urge, exhort.

tihting, f., exhortation.

tima, m., time.

<ge-timbrian>, II, to build.

tintreg, n., torture.

<tintregian, ge-tintregian>, II, to torture, torment.

tiþu, f., receiver.

to, prep., to, for, as, alongside, beside.

tobrecan, 4, to break, shatter, destroy.

<tobrytan>, I, to break into pieces, destroy.

tocleofan, 7, to cleave, split.

tocnawan, 7, to know, discern.

tocyme, m., coming, advent.

todæg, adv., today

<todælan>, I, to distribute, divide.

<todræfan>, I, to dispel, disperse, expel.

<todrifan>, 6, to separate, drive away, destroy.

toforan, prep. (w. d.), ahead of, beyond, above.

togadere, togædere, adv., together. eodon togædere, joined in battle

togeanes, prep. (w. d.), towards, in opposition to, against.

<toheawan>, 7, to hew in pieces.

tomergen, adv., tomorrow.

tomiddes, prep. (w. d.), amidst, among.

tonama, m., nickname, surname.

<tosprecan>, 5, to address.

<tostencan>, I, to drive apart, scatter.

<towændan>, I, to overthrow, destroy.

<toweorpan>, 3, to destroy.

towerd, adj., to come.

treow, n., tree.

ge-treowlice, adv., faithfully.

trum, adj., firm.

truma, m., troop, legion.

truwa, m., faith, covenant.

<truwian>, II, to trust, often with on, to trust in.

<ge-trymman>, I, to confirm, strengthen.

ge-trywe, adj., true, faithful.

tryw, f., faithfulness, loyalty.

tugon, see teon.

tunge, f., tongue.

twegen, twægen, twægon (m.), twa (f. or n.), num., two.

twelf, num., twelve.

twentig, num., twenty.

tyn, num., ten.

<ge-tyþian>, II, to grant.


þa, adv. conj., then, when. þa þa, þa..þa, then..when,.

þa, þam, þan, þara, þæra, þære, þæs, þæt, see se.

<ge-þafian>, II, to permit, assent to.

þanc, m., thanks. to þance, as thanks

þancian, II, to thank (w. d. of person and g. of cause).

þanon, adv., thence.

þægn, see þegen.

þænne, see þonne.

þær, adv. conj., where, there.

þærinn, adv., therein.

þæron, adv., thereon.

þærto, adv., thereto.

þæt, conj., that, (so) that, because.

þæt, pron. adj., see se.

þe, indecl. rel. part., which, who, that.

þe, see þu.

þeah, þeah þe, conj., although, though.

ge-þeaht, n., thought, consideration.

þearf, f., need.

þearle, adv., greatly, violently, mightily.

þeaw, m., custom, habit, way.

ge-þeawod, adj., mannered. wislice geþeawod, prudent, wise

þegen, þegn, þægn, m., minister, noble, thane, attendant.

þegenlice, adv., nobly, bravely.

þegenscype, m., manfully, bravery.

þenian, II (w. d.), to serve, minister to.

þenung, f., service, meal.

þeod, f., nation, people, tribe.

þeow, þeowa, m., servant, slave.

<þeowian>, III, to serve (w. d.).

þeowot, n., servitude, enslavement.

þes, dem. pron. and adj., this.

<þicgan>, I (orig. 5), to partake of, eat, taste.

þin, pos. adj. and poss. pron., thy, thine.

þincan, I (w. d.), to seem to.

<ge-þincan>, I, to seem good to (w. d.).

þincg, þing, n., thing.

þinen, f., maid, handmaid.

<ge-þingian>, II, to intercede.

ge-þingþ, f., dignity, rank, honour.

þingung, f., intercession.

þis, þisne, þisre, þisum, see þes.

ge-þoht, m., thought.

þone, see se.

þonne, þænne, adv., conj. then, when.

þrang, see þringan.

<þreagan>, II, to rebuke, torment.

þreat, m., violence, threat.

þreatung, f., compulsion, ill-treatment.

þreo, num., three.

þridda, adj., third.

<þringan>, 3, to throng.

þrittig, num., thirty.

þrowian, II, to suffer.

þrowung, f., passion, suffering.

þrym, m., great might (army).

þu, pron. 2nd. person, you, thou.

þuhte, see þincan.

þurh, prep. (w. a.), through, by means of.

<þurhwunian>, II, to continue, persist.

þurst, m., thirst.

þus(s), adv., thus.

þusend, num., thousand.

þy, see se.

þyder, adv., thither.

ge-þyldig, adj., patient.

þyses, þysne, þysre, þyssera, þyssere, þysum, see þes.


<ge-uferian>, II, to exalt, elevate.

unbliþe, adj., sad.

unclæne, adj., unclean.

under, prep. (w. d.), under.

<underfon>, 7, to receive, take, assume.

<undergytan>, 5, to understand.

understandan, 6, to understand.

underþeodd, adj., subject.

<undon>, anom. vb., to undo, unfasten, open.

unforboden, adj., not forbidden.

unforht, adj., fearless, unafraid.

ungefyrn, adv., soon.

ungeleaffull, adj., unbelieving.

ungelic, adj., dissimilar to, unlike (w. d.).

<ungelician>, II, to displease, be unpleasant to (w d).

ungesewenlic, adj., invisible.

ungewitnod, adj., unpunished.

unhlisa, m., infamy.

unlucan, 2, to unlock.

unlytel, adj., not little, much.

unmagu, m. or f., helpless person, ward .

ge-unmiht, adj., weak, without strength.

unræd, m., bad policy, wickedness.

unriht, n., wrong, injustice.

unrihtlic, adj., unjust, unrighteous.

unrihtlice, adv., unjustly, unrighteously.

unrihtwisnes, unrihtwisnys, f., unrighteousness.

unscæþþignys, f., innocence.

unslaw, adj., active, quick, energetic.

unstæþþig, adj., unstable.

unstrang, adj., weak.

untoclofen, adj., uncloven.

<ge-untrumian>, II, to make ill or infirm.

untweolice, adv., certainly, unequivocally.

unþances, adv., unwillingly.

unwærlice, adv., unwarily, uncautiously.

unwemme, adj., without blemish, immaculate.

<unwurþian>, II, to dishonour, degrade.

unwurþlice, adv., ignominously.

up(p), adv., up.

upahafennys, f., exaltation, pride.

<upahebban>, 6, to lift up, exalt.

upflor, f., upper chamber, storey.

uppahefednys, f., exaltation, pride.

uppon, prep. (w. d.), upon.

ure, poss. pron. and adj. 1st pers. pl., our.

us, see ic.

ut, adv., out.

ute, adv. outside, out.

uton, hortatory auxiliary (1. p.


waclic, adj., poor, mean, of little worth.

wafung, f., amazement, wonder.

wan(n), see winnan.

<wandian>, II, to neglect, shrink, spare.

wanhafol, adj., needy, destitute.

<ge-wanian>, II, to diminish.

wanung, f., wailing, lamentation.

<ge-warnian>, II, to warn, caution.

waru, f., protection, care, defence.

wast, see witan.

<ge-wæcan>, I, to afflict, weaken.

<wæccan>, I, to stay awake, watch.

ge-wæde, n., a garment, pl. clothes.

wæfersyn, f., a spectacle.

ge-wæhte, see ge-wæcan.

wæl, n., the dead, slaughter, carnage.

wælhreow, adj., cruel.

wæpn, n., weapon.

<ge-wæpnian>, II, to arm, furnish with weapo

wære, wæron, wæs, see beon/wesan.

wæsten, see westen.

wæstm, m. or n., growth, crop, stature.

wæter, n., water.

wæterleast, f., want of water.

wæterscipe, m., body of water, conduit.

we, see ic.

wealcan, 7, to turn over.

<ge-wealdan>, 7, to rule, govern, have control of.

weall, m., wall.

<weallan>, 1, to boil, swarm, well up.

weallgeweorc, n., work on a wall, wall-building.

weard, m., guard.

weard, prep., used to...weard, to...werd, towards

weardmann, m., watchman, guard.

wearp, see weorpan.

wearþ, see weorþan.

<weaxan>, 7, to grow, increase.

weg, m., road, way.

wel, adv., properly, well, fittingly.

wela, m., wealth, prosperity.

<ge-welegian>, II, to enrich, endow.

welig, adj., well-to-do, rich.

welwillende, part. adj., benevolent.

<wenan>, I, to believe, expect, imagine.

<wendan>, I, to go, turn.

<ge-wendan>, I, to (re)turn, go.

wenian, II, to accustom.

<ge-wenian>, II, to accustom.

wenlic, adj., fair, handsome, comely.

weofod, n., altar.

weorc, n., work, labour, deed.

weorcstan, m., building stone.

<weorpan>, 3, to hurl, cast.

weorþan, ge-wurþan, 3, to become, be.

wer, m., man, husband.

werd, see weard.

werian, II, to wear, defend, protect.

werlice, adv., courageously, like a man.

werod, n., multitude, host.

westen, m. or n., desert, wilderness.

wide, adv., widely.

widewe, wuduwe, f., widow.

widewanhad, wudewanhad, m., widowhood.

widgil, adj., widespread, spacious.

wif, n., woman, wife.

<ge-wifian>, II, to take a wife.

wiflice, adv., in the manner of a woman.

wifman, wimman, m., woman.

wig, n., war.

wigend,adj., fighting.

wighus, n., war-house, tower.

willa, m., wish, desire.

<willan>, anom. vb., to wish, intend, be disposed to, will.

ge-wilnung, f., desire.

wimman, see wifman.

win, n., wine.

ge-winn, n., labour, war, profit.

winnan, 3, to fight, contend.

<ge-winnan>, 3, to conquer, win.

winsum, adj., pleasant.

winter, m., winter, year.

wis, adj., wise.

wise, f., way, manner, wise.

wisdom, m., wisdom.

wislic, adj., wise. gpn. wislicra

wislice, adv., wisely.

ge-wiss, adj., certain, sure. to gewissan, for certain

ge-wissian, II, to direct, inform.

wissung, f., guidance, instruction.

wita, m., wise man, counsellor.

<witan>, pret. pres. vb., to know.

ge-witan, pret. pres. vb., to get to know.

<ge-witan>, 1, to depart, die.

wite, n., punishment, torture.

witega, m., prophet.

<ge-witnian>, II, to punish, chastise, afflict.

ge-witnys, f., witness, testimony.

witodlice, adv. assuredly.

wiþ, prep. (w. a. and d.), next to, beside, against, with (making combination).

<wiþcweþan>, 5, to speak against, contradict, oppose (w. d. of person or thing).

wiþersaca, m., adversary.

wiþerweard, adj., hostile, against.

<wiþerfeohtan>, 3, to resist.

<wiþsacan>, 6, to deny.

wiþstandan, 6, to withstand (w. d.).

wiþutan, adv. outside, outwardly.

wlite, m., brightness, beauty.

wlitig, adj., beautiful, comely.

wodlice, adv. furiously.

wolde, woldon, see willan.

wolice, adv., perversely, wrongly.

word, n., word.

ge-wordene, see ge-wurpan.

worhte, worhton, see wyrcan.

woruld, f., world.

woruldæht, f., worldly possession.

woruldcempa, m., secular warrior.

woruldgewinn, n., secular struggle.

woruldlic, adj., worldly.

woruldmann, m., man, layman.

woruldþing, n., worldly affair, worldly thing.

<wrecan>, 5, to avenge.

ge-wrecan, 5, to take vengence.

<wregan>, I, to accuse, impeach.

ge-writ, n., writing, scripture, letter.

wudu, m., wood, forest.

wudewan, see widewe.

wudewanhade, see widewanhad.

wuldor, n., glory.

wuldorfull, adj., glorious.

<wuldrian> II, to glory.

ge-wuna, m., habit, custom.

wunaþ, see wunian.

wundor, n., wonder, miracle.

wundorlic, adj., wonderful, miraculous.

wundorlice, adv., strangely, wondrously.

<wundrian>, II, to wonder.

ge-wunelic, adj., customary, usual.

wunian, II, to dwell, remain.

ge-wunnon, see ge-winnan.

wurde, wurdon, see weor an.

wurm, m., worm, snake, serpent.

wurþ, adj., of high rank.

ge-wurþan, gewurþe, see geweorþan.

wurþian, II, to honour.

wurþmynt, m., honour, dignity, symbol of office.

wurþscipe, m., honour, dignity, worth.

ge-wyldan, I, to conquer, tame, subdue, control.

wyllspring, m., well, source of water.

wyrcan, I, to make, create.

ge-wyrcan, I, to make create.

wyrdwritere, m., historian, chronicler.

wyrms, m., pus.

wyrst, supl. adj., worst.


yfel, n., evil.

yfele, yfle, adv., evilly, badly.

yfelwyrcende, adj., evil-doing, wicked.

ylca, ilca, adj., same.

yldest, sup. adj. of eald, eldest.

yldra, comp. adj. of eald, older.

ylp, m., elephant.

<ymbgyrdan>, I, to encircle, surround.

<ymbtrymman>, I, to surround, fortify, strengthen.

yrmþ, f., misery.

<yrnan>, 3, to run.

yrre, n., anger.

<yrsian, ge-yrsian>, II, to be angry.

yrsung, f., anger.

yrþlincg, m., farmer, ploughman.

ytemest, supl. adj. of uterra, most outer.