SulKiDo - A Korean Martial art related to HapKiDo, KukSoolWon and TaeKwonDo
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SulKiDo grading syllabus

The primary SulKiDo syllabus outlines what is require to achieve a black-belt. Progress through it is assessed at national tests (called `gradings'). Each grading consists of a core of forms, strikes and soo techniques plus additional items.

The colour of each row indicates the type of belt worn by someone who has achieved that level ('gup') - beginning at white and moving through yellow, green, blue, then red, and finally black. Figures in brackets [] indicate the number of individual techniques making up a particular block. The original Korean terms are used where there is no concise English translation - see the glossary for more information.

Please read the brief notes on how to use the syllabus before attempting to copy any of the techniques you see described.

Level Forms Self-Defence Techniques Strikes Breaking
 10 basic stances/stepping,
breakfalls [5] from lying
breathing exercises [5] front, roundhouse, side and crescent kicks off rear foot elbow
 9 10-step patterns [6],
breakfalls [5] from standing
`soft' and `hard' style punching hook, knee (front and round), outside-round, instep kicks off rear foot punch
 8 eel-jang pattern,
break-fall sequence
basic wrist escapes [10]   front kick
 7 ee-jang pattern,
flip and jumping breakfalls
basic throwing techniques [15] combination kicking,
wheel kick
roundhouse kick
 6 sam-jang pattern,
jumping break-fall sequence
wrist escapes [11],
cross-wrist escapes [6]
  side kick
 5 sa-jang pattern clothing escapes [13]   front plus roundhouse kicks
 4 o-jang pattern,
ki cho hyung
vital-point kicking [15],
vital-point hand strikes[15],
throwing techniques [15]
stepping kicks double (low, high) side kick
 3 yuk-jang pattern,
cho gup hyung
advanced wrist techniques [7],
advanced clothing techniques [20]
  hook kick
 2 chil-jang pattern, jung gup hyung hold escapes [20],
rear escapes [30]
jumping/flying kicks side plus hook kicks
 1 pal-jang pattern,
go gup hyung
joint locking [13],
judo defences [10],
advanced throws [13]
  step-spinning back kick
dae gup hyung     spinning wheel kick

In addition to these specific grading aspects, training also involves striking, stretching, bag-work, floor techniques, sparring, pure self-defence and aim to educate everyone in the underlying biomechanics involved. Plus of course, we organize various events and occasionally even photograph them for the club history.

In addition to having expertise at the techniques listed above, a candidate for black-belt must have accumulated significant teaching experience (including instructors certification) and have knowledge of the principals underlying SulKiDo.

Note that, since gradings are conducted externally, an additional fee is charged by the National governing body.