SulKiDo - A Korean Martial art related to HapKiDo, KukSoolWon and TaeKwonDo
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Ki Bon Hyung - The 6 Basic Hard Forms

The first part of the SulKiDo syllabus consists of 6 simple basic hard forms all of which are performed in a cruciform shape. These forms are learned by members at the 9 gup level.

Each sequence begins with chaliot (attention stance), followed by chunbi (ready stance, hands in front of waist, feet slightly apart). The instruction to begin is usually given by hana (one) see jak (begin). When the last move is complete, hold that position until asked.

Some notation is required to describe the movements (they're a lot simpler to do than they are to write down!) however it won't make a lot of sense until you've been training and tried out the moves yourself. To clarify things, we've produced a pictorial index showing the basic stances, and an animated schematic illustrating the stepping order.

FLfront stance, left foot forward
FRfront stance, right foot forward
BLback stance, left foot forward
BRback stance, right foot forward
cl Xturn clockwise through X degrees
ac Xturn anti-clockwise through X degrees

The Motion column gives the direction in which one moves relative to the previous stance, the Direction column gives the direction relative to an intial North facing start (N=north, S=south, E=east, W=west).

The table below shows the last of the 6 basic forms (which is a composite of the preceding 5):

1left 90WFLlow block over left knee
2aheadWFRpunch with right hand
3cl 180EFRoutward moving block with right hand
4aheadEFLpunch with left hand
5left 90NFLupper block with left hand
6aheadNFRpunch with right hand
7cl 180SBRoutward moving block with right hand
8aheadSBLinward moving block with left hand
9cl 180NBRknife hand block
10aheadNBLknife hand block

The first five basic forms each consist of a pair of movements repeated 5 times, one for the `odd' moves 1,3,5,7,9 and the other performed on the `even' moves. The stance is constant (ie. either front or back only) in each of these forms.

FormStanceOdd moveEven move
1front low block over forward knee centre-line punch, chest height
2front outward moving block inward moving block
3front face block high punch
4back outward moving block inward moving block
5back mid-section knife hand mid-section knife hand