SulKiDo - A Korean Martial art related to HapKiDo, KukSoolWon and TaeKwonDo
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An Mok Soo

These are a set of 6 techniques which are taught immediately after the deputy green grading.

Each technique starts from an initial position of defender and opponent standing facing each other with the opponent using their right hand to grab the defenders right wrist.

1 Step diagonally forwards/right with right leg and use left hand to grasp the top of their left hand. Twist left hand anti-clockwise while exerting supporting pressure with right wrist to bring their left arm over in a semi-circle to their right side. Apply pressure near their knuckles with right knife-hand to force opponent into a back breakfall.
2 Step diagonally forwards/right with right leg while moving right hand in a large clockwise circle, keeping opponents arm straight. Step forwards/right with left leg while doing a knife-hand strike to their elbow with your left hand. Opponent performs a one-handed front breakfall.
3 Step diagonally forwards/left with right foot whilst grasping opponents right wrist with your right hand (pointing your fingers downwards). Bring your right hand into the small of your back and take hold of their right hand with your left hand so that the thumb presses between the second and third fingers of their hand. Step anti-clockwise with your left foot turning your back to opponent and forcing them to floor with a wrist lock. Reverse spin and deliver a low side-kick.