SulKiDo - A Korean Martial art related to HapKiDo, KukSoolWon and TaeKwonDo
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Sam jang : 3rd Hard Form

This SulKiDo hard form consists of 20 movements executed in a `H' shape. This form is learnt by members at deputy green level. Notation is as for the 6 basic forms.

1ac 90WFLlow block over left knee
2aheadWFRpunch with right
3cl 180EFRlow block over right knee
4aheadEFLpunch with left
5left 90NBLlow block over left knee
6aheadNFRface block with right forearm
7aheadNFLface block with left forearm
8aheadNFRpunch to face with right fist
9ac 270EBLknife hand block
10aheadEBRknife hand block
11cl 180WBRknife hand block
12aheadWBLknife hand block
13ac 90SBLoutward block with left
stillNBRoutward block with right
14backwardsNBLinward moving block with left fist
15backwardsNBRinward moving block with right fist
16backwardsNBLinward moving block with left
stillSBRoutward block with right
17ac 270WFLface block with left forearm
18aheadWFRpunch to face with right
19cl 180WFRface block with right forearm
20aheadWFLpunch to face with left