SulKiDo - A Korean Martial art related to HapKiDo, KukSoolWon and TaeKwonDo
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SulKiDo Forms

SulKiDo forms are fixed sequences of moves designed to improve a students balance, power and co-ordination (Japanese arts such as karate call these `kata'). Forms can be roughly divided into two styles, known as `hard' and `soft' (though the soft ones are more difficult than the hard ones). Hard forms are performed in a stop-go-stop fashion, whereas the soft forms are more flowing with each move blending into the suceeding one.

Unlike most martial arts, the SulKiDo syllabus incorporates both types. Our hard forms are very similar to those found in some branches of TaeKwonDo, whereas the soft forms are similar to thos found in KukSoolWon.

For the benefit of people already in the club, we've put descriptions of some of our hard forms onto this site, starting with the 6 basic forms.

6 basics
eel jang
ee jang
sam jang
sa jang
o jang

Pictorial demonstrations of the postures involved in the first few forms can be found in the stance index, and there are animated schematics showing the stepping order for the basic and 1st + 2nd forms.

The more advanced forms are not listed on the web-site because the number of compound movements makes them very difficult to describe in text.