SulKiDo - A Korean Martial art related to HapKiDo, KukSoolWon and TaeKwonDo
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Soo Techniques

The soo techniques are the skills required to successfully handle close quarters situations. Soo (as used in SulKiDo) is a Korean word which hasn't a simple English translation, and is best thought of as a generic label covering grappling, locks, nerve points, short-range strikes, floor work, holds, escapes, throws and sweeps.

In the early stages of training the soo techniques are introduced to students in the context of escape moves, usually as methods for breaking out of grabs/holds followed by counter-attacks - since if you're going to escape from someone, we reckon it's pretty important to `discourage' them from attacking you again! As students progress their training widens to include such things as pinioning, judo defences, rope tying and pre-emptive methods (if someone comes at you swinging a baseball bat it's probably unwise to wait till they hit you before assuming they have hostile intent).

The SulKiDo syllabus is very comprehensive, and a black-belt instructor is required to have mastered over 250 soo techniques.

Gup Name Number Applications
  8 son pae ki 10 defence against wrist grabs
  7 ki bon soo 15 locking and throwing
  6 son mok soo 11 defence against parallel wrist grabs
an mok soo 6 defence against cross wrist grabs
  5 eui bok soo 13 defence against clothing grabs
  4 jun muk magi ki bon soo 15 locking and throwing against an attacking opponent
mek chi gi 15 vital point hand strikes
mek cha gi 15 vital point foot strikes
  3 jung gup son mok soo 7 advanced escapes from parallel wrist holds
ap eui bok soo 20 advanced escapes from cross-grip holds
  2 dui eui bok soo 30 escapes from rear and/or close quarter holds
jap ki 20 escapes from frontal grabs
  1 kwan jeul ki 13 restraint/submission moves
tu ki 13 advance throwing techniques
bang tu ki 10 defences against throws