SulKiDo - A Korean Martial art related to HapKiDo, KukSoolWon and TaeKwonDo
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Tora So

The literal meaning of tora so is turn around. It is usually given as an instruction during formal SulKiDo training to allow members recovery time during form practise.

1. The usual start position is the `attention stance' (shown right) adopted at the chaliot command. If one begins in a different position then quickly move to this position first.
2. Punch the right fist horizontally across the body into the left palm. Step back with the left leg and . . .
3. . . .pivot 180 degrees on the ball of the right foot. Droping so that the right knee touches the ground and the limbs are horizontal/vertical to the ground as shown, and punch downwards with the right fist. Once in this position, you should check your clothing and ensure that the belt and dobok ties are correctly fastened.
4. Once you have checked your clothing, put hands onto belt to signify you are ready to resume training.