Yin-Yang symbol Oxford University Taijiquan Association


Introduction to tai chi (right click then play).
At the end of each class we practice hand form. Square form is very precise and mechanical. Round (circle) form is more fluid. The form acts to stretch muscles, increase core strength and perfect technique. There are usually a variety of abilities in class, so we often split the hand form into groups of beginners and more advanced (well, less beginners :P). Here, Jon takes the beginners through the first steps of the form whilst, in the background, Dave leads the next segment of the form.
We punch pads for 3 minute stints. This improves muscle strength, hand-eye coordination, stamina and technique. Sometimes Dave makes us go for a run whilst doing this. Sometimes Geoff asks him to do this. I always wonder why....
Sword form with Dave's teacher, Dan Docherty.
Wudang round form with Cheng Tin Hung, teacher of Dan Docherty, teacher of Dave Baker.