OUTSS Committee 2008-2009
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President Wu, Yi-jui (Harry)
會長 吳易叡

College: The Queen's College
Major: History of Science, Medicine and Technology

Vice President Chuang, Brian
副會長 莊博任

College: Wolfson College
Major: Life Science Interface

Former Vice President Tsui, Fei-yun (Christa)
前任副會長 崔斐韻

College: Harris Manchester College
Major: Educational Studies

Secretary Liang, Yu-hsuan (Crystal)
秘書 梁育瑄

College: St Hugh's College
Major: Earth Sciences

Former Secretary Hsieh, Yu-te (Alan)
前任秘書 謝玉德

College: University College
Major: Earth Sciences

Treasurer Tsai, Sherry
財務 蔡承真

College: The Queen's College
Major: Clinical Paediatrics

Webmaster Huang, Shu-chuen (Allen)
網管 黃舒淳

College: Mansfield College
Major: Computer Science

Hello UK! Board Master Lin, Chia-shu (Winz)
Hello UK! 板主 林嘉澍

College: Jesus College
Major: Anaesthetics

Activities Lai, Hung-chun (Henry)
活動 賴泓均

College: St Anne's College
Major: Chemistry