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Finance and Fund-Raising Campaign

1. Fund-Raising Campaign for OUTSS

We sincerely thank the following list of people who kindly made donations to our society. If you'd like to make some donations to OUTSS, please contact Kuan-Jung Wu (kuan-jung.wu [at] stx.ox.ac.uk), the Treasurer of OUTSS.

2012.08.25 王麗容 教授/國立台灣大學社會工作系
2012.08.25 廖顯奎 教授/國立台灣科技大學電子工程系
2010.03.05 陳明志 副教授/國立台灣科技大學機械系
2008.10.19 林成原 教授/國立臺灣海洋大學校務諮詢顧問 (also 2009.01.25 & 2009.05.12)

2. Second-Hand Goods for New Students

OUTSS hopes that the graduating students could kindly give their unwanted goods to the student society, and therefore the student society can freely give them, or sell them in low prices to the new comers. That would be a big help to both the new comers and student society.

3. OUTSS daily info

OUTSS has established a facebook page for trading items and purchasing goods together. If you are interested, please follow the linkage.