Oxford University Taiwanese Student Society
New Members 2002
牛津大學 台灣同學會 2002年新進成員

Last Update: 31st January, 2011

University of Oxford
Lin, Elizabeth   Christ Church Law  
Wu, Min-hsien 吳旻憲 Corpus Christi College Engineering  
Chang, Gloria 張敏敏 Greyfriars    
Chen, Jane   Hertford College Classic  
Huang, Josh   Hertford College International Relations  
  何仁傑 Lady Margaret Hall Foreign Affairs  
Kung, Mike   Lady Margaret Hall    
Yu, Jiun-yu 余峻瑜 Lincoln College Statistics  
Hsu, Chin-tsorng 許欽琮 Linacre College Foreign Affairs  
Hsu, Su-yi 許淑怡 Nuffield College Sociology  
Lin, Ping 林 平 Oriel College Sociology  
Lo, Angela   St Anne's College Biochemistry  
Tsai, Huei-ting 蔡惠婷 St Antony's College Anthropology  
Yu, Chien-hui   St Antony's College Engineering  
Cheng, Gino 鄭鈞耀 St Catherine's College Electrical Engineering and Humanities  
Tsai, Allen   St Catherine's College Oriental Studies  
  陳(克白)升 St Cross College    
Lo, Ya-pei 羅雅蓓 St Hilda's College Chemistry  
Pu, Christy 蒲正筠 St Hilda's College    
Hu, Jon-fan 胡中凡 St Hugh's College Psycology  
Leighton, Feifei   St Hugh's College Engineering  
Yau, Paula   Trinity College Engineering  
Li, Lance 李連忠 University College Condensed Matter Physics  
Lin, Michael 林士皓 Wadham College Engineering  
  秦培偉 Wolfson College Foreign  
Hsieh, Chia-chuan 謝佳娟 Wolfson College History of Art  
Jimmy 任志民 Wolfson College Obs & Gyn