Oxford University Taiwanese Student Society
New Members 2004
牛津大學 台灣同學會 2004年新進成員

Last Update: 31st January, 2011

University of Oxford
Yeh, Anthony 葉信良 Balliol College D.Phil. in Molecular Medicine anthony.yeh [at] imm.ox.ac.uk
  李祖隆 Corpus Christi College M.Eng. in Material Science  
Lin, Yuya (Angel) 林渝亞 Keble College B.Sc. in Chemistry angel.lin [at] chem.ox.ac.uk
Soong, Anne 宋鈞涵 Jesus College M.B.A. anne.soong [at] sbs.ox.ac.uk
Huang, Wan-chen 黃婉媜 Lady Margaret Hall D.Phil. in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics wan-chen.huang [at] dpag.ox.ac.uk
  劉昆豪 Lady Margaret Hall Foreign Service Programme riccardoliu [at] yahoo.com.tw
Meng, En 蒙 恩 Lady Margaret Hall D.Phil. in Pharmacology en.meng [at] pharm.ox.ac.uk
  施又瑀 Lady Margaret Hall M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition burlingme2003 [at] yahoo.com.tw
Li, Stanley 李永信 Mansfield College B.Sc. in Materials, Economics and Management stanley.li [at] mansfield.ox.ac.uk
Lin, Dung-mauh 林東茂 Pembroke College D.Phil. in Modern History dung-mauh.lin [at] pembroke.ox.ac.uk
Pai, Chen-chun 白晨君 Pembroke College M.Sc. in Zoology b88601030 [at] ntu.edu.tw
Chen, Pao-yang 陳柏仰 St Anne's College D.Phil. in Statistics paoyang [at] gmail.com
Hung, Pai-ching 洪佩晴 St Antony's College M.Sc. in Development Economics pai-ching.hung [at] doonzer.com
  黃郁婷 Templeton College M.B.A. yentil28 [at] hotmail.com
  葉立傑 The Queen's College Foreign Service Programme lckyeh [at] mofa.gov.tw
Chang, Ming-hua 張明華 University College D.Phil. in Physics chang_ming_hua [at] yahoo.com.tw
  陳之磊 University College D.Phil. in Chemistry  
  沈欣惠 University College D.Phil. in Chemistry hsinhui80 [at] yahoo.com
Chen, Chia-kuen 陳家坤 Wolfson College Foreign Service Programme chiakuen [at] hotmail.com
Gloria 陳宛牧 Wolfson College Foreign Service Programme gloria812 [at] pchome.com.tw
Chu, Bryan 朱祖德 Wolfson College D.Phil. in Inorganic Chemistry and Material Science brany22 [at] hotmail.com