Oxford University Taiwanese Student Society
New Members 2007
牛津大學 台灣同學會 2007年新進成員

Last Update: 31st January, 2011

University of Oxford
Chang, Chia-yun (Sally) 張佳芸 Templeton College M.B.A.  
Chang, Chih-yun (Jerry) 張世勇 St Cross College M.St. in Chinese Studies cychang14 [at] gmail.com
Chang, Kai-hsuan (Owen) 張凱宣 St Catherine's College D.Phil. in Chemistry  
Chang, Yu-chieh (Vivian) 張玉潔 Wolfson College D.Phil. in Chemistry vivich10 [at] hotmail.com
Chao, Huan-yi (Raymond) 趙桓易 Merton College M.B.A. huanyiman [at] hotmail.com
Chen, Han-wen (Vivian) 陳涵文 St Anne's College M.Sc. in Global Governance and Diplomacy viv0513 [at] gmail.com
Chen, Maw-ln (Michael) 陳茂林 Linacre College Department of Continuing Education chenmawlin [at] hotmail.com
Chen, Yi-chuan 陳奕全 The Queen's College D.Phil. in Experimental Psycology yi-chuan.chen [at] psy.ox.ac.uk
Cheng, Chieh-fu (Jeff) 鄭玠甫 St Cross College M.Phil. in World Archaeology  
Chuang, Kai-ting (Kai) 莊凱婷 New College D.Phil. in Pharmacology ikayabi [at] gmail.com
Fu, Hsiao-lin (Chloe) 傅筱琳 St Hilda's College Junior Diplomats Training Course chloe0312 [at] gmail.com
Guo, Jian-jhih (Albert) 郭建志 St Anne's College M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition albert110_tw [at] hotmail.com
Hong, Li-der (Lewis) 洪力德 Templeton College M.B.A. lewis.hong [at] sbs.ox.ac.uk
Huang, Ching-han (Leanne) 黃靖涵 Kellogg College M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition independentleanne [at] hotmail.com
Huang, Shu-chuen (Allen) 黃舒淳 Mansfield College M.Sc. in Computer Science shu-chuen.huang [at] mansfield.oxon.org
Hsia, Lin-ting (Erica) 夏琳婷 Keble College M.Sc. in Pharmacology lin-ting.hsia [at] keble.ox.ac.uk
Hsieh, Yu-te (Alan) 謝玉德 University College D.Phil. in Earth Sciences yu-te.hsieh [at] univ.ox.ac.uk
Kuo, Bo-cheng 郭柏呈   Visiting Student in Psycology d92227008 [at] ntu.edu.tw
Lee, Jian-hung (Gary) 李健鴻 St Hugh's College M.B.A. jian-hung.lee [at] sbs.ox.ac.uk
Lee, Yu-jung (Kathy) 李毓蓉 Wolfson College M.Sc. in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy kathytaiwan [at] gmail.com
Lei, Sung-mei (Meg) 雷頌梅 Templeton College M.B.A. megleis [at] yahoo.com
Liao, Han-teng 廖漢騰 Keble College D.Phil. in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences hanteng [at] ntu.edu.tw
Lin, Chia-shu (Winz) 林嘉澍 Jesus College D.Phil. in Anaesthetics w2020333 [at] ms25.hinet.net
Liu, Chen-yi (Evelyn) 劉真儀 Lincoln College M.St. in English Literature  
Liu, Han-wei (Henry) 劉漢威 St Hugh's College M.Jur. in Law hanweiliu [at] gmail.com
Liu, Hsiang-min (Tanya) 劉向敏 Kellogg College M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition sindar_min [at] msn.com
Liu, Yu-jen 劉宇珍 Trinity College D.Phil. in History of Art oouiliu [at] gmail.com
Lo, Christophe   Kellogg College M.Sc. in Bioinformatics christophe.lo [at] conted.ox.ac.uk
Lu, Ying-hua (Nicole) 盧盈樺 Linacre College M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition  
Ou, Yao-hung 歐耀閎 Jesus College Diploma/M.Sc. in Mathematical Finance yaohung_ou [at] yahoo.com
Shih, Yu-ru (Gloria) 施怡如 St Hilda's College Junior Diplomats Training Course dandelion1219 [at] hotmail.com
Shih, You-lin (Lynn) 石佑翎   Department of Experimental Psycology ylshih2 [at] gmail.com
Su, Shen-wei (Ed) 蘇紳瑋 Keble College D.Phil. in Engineering Science zinhudasha [at] gmail.com
Tsai, Hung-ming (Milton) 蔡鴻明 Kellogg College M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition milton_tsai [at] yahoo.com.tw
Tseng, Da-lun 曾大倫 University College D.Phil. in Mathematics tsengdl [at] gmail.com
Tseng, Wei-wei 曾葳葳 Templeton College M.B.A. jptseng [at] ms5.hinet.net
Tsou, Nien-ti 鄒年棣 Jesus College D.Phil. in Engineering Science tsounienti [at] gmail.com
Tsui, Fei-yun (Christa) 崔斐韻 Harris Manchester College D.Phil. in Educational Studies fei-yun.tsui [at] hmc.ox.ac.uk
Tu, Min-fen 涂敏芬   Visiting Student in Said Business School minfen.tu [at] gmail.com
Tzeng, Ya-jiung (April) 曾雅君 St Cross College M.B.A.  
Wu, Yi-jui (Harry) 吳易叡 St Cross College M.Sc. in History of Science, Medicine and Technology harry.wu [at] history.ox.ac.uk
Yang, Bo-ru (Paul) 楊伯儒   Visiting Student in Electro-Optical Engineering ybr.eo93g [at] nctu.edu.tw
Yang, Li-yen (Lester) 楊立彥 Linacre College Language Training CPD lester853 [at] gmail.com
Young, Christopher 楊 晨 University College M.Sc. in Neuroscience chris.uct [at] gmail.com
Yu, Chih-hao (Eric) 余之豪   Postdoctoral Fellow in Department of Chemistry dearchyu [at] hotmail.com
Yu, Tung-chang (Adif) 游東璋   M.B.A.