Oxford University Taiwanese Student Society
New Members 2009
牛津大學 台灣同學會 2009年新進成員

Last Update: 7th February, 2011

University of Oxford
Lin, Richard 林宗立 Balliol College M.Phil. in Medical Anthropology richard.lin [at] balliol.ox.ac.uk
Chen, Oscar Balliol College D.Phil. in Pharmacology benchen1011 [at] hotmail.com
Fu, Bryan 傅清源 Green Templeton College M.B.A. novrain [at] pchome.com.tw
Lin, Michael 林祺斌 Green Templeton College M.B.A. pigsontw [at] gmail.com
Chu, Jane 邱朱錚淇 Green Templeton College M.B.A. janechu0209 [at] gmail.com
Yang, Philip 楊博剛 Green Templeton College M.Sc. in Financial Economics b93703113 [at] ntu.edu.tw
  楊宸銘 Green Templeton College M.Sc. in Financial Economics rovaniemi522 [at] gmail.com
Huang, Rory 黃文傑
Green Templeton College M.B.A. truerory [at] gmail.com
Lin, Chris
Green Templeton College M.B.A. chrislin53 [at] gmail.com
Huang, Yi-long 黃奕龍 Green Templeton College Junior Dimplomat Training Course yilonghuang [at] yahoo.com.tw
Lin, Hsin-ju 林欣儒 Green Templeton College M.Sc. in Management Researcg coxxoc [at] gmail.com
Yao, Chui-chih   Jesus College M.Eng. in Engineering Science chih.chui [at] jesus.ox.ac.uk
Pi, Shirley 畢如億 Kellogg College M.St. in History of Art and Visual Culture shirley.pi [at] gmail.com
Hsu, Winston 許銓義 Kellogg College D.Phil. in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition zachrire [at] yahoo.com.tw
Chio, Owen Lady Margaret Hall Postgraduate Diploma in Theology owen.chio [at] bakernet.com

鄭鴻源 Oriel College M.Sc. in Pharmacology needmind [at] gmail.com
Tsai, Jenny 蔡宜君 Mansfield College M.Sc. in Computer Science jennyichun [at] gmail.com
Chen, Michelle   St Cross College M.Sc. in Applied Linguistic and Second Language Acquisition jiromimiko [at] hotmail.com
Tzeng, Josh 曾健准 St Cross College D.Phil. in Sociology joshtzeng513 [at] gmail.com
Huang, Wen-yen 黃文彥 St Hilda's College D.Phil. in Inorganic Chemistry b91203029 [at] ntu.edu.tw
曾瑾珮 St Hilda's College M.Sc. in Water Science, Policy and Management ginpei [at] hotmail,com
Lu, Heather 呂依涵 St Hugh's College M.B.A. yihan0701 [at] hotmail.com
Hu, Yu-chih (Michael) St Hugh's College D.Phil. in Physics m.hul [at] physics.ox.ac.uk
Liao, Jessie 廖于絜 St Hugh's College M.B.A. yuyuest [at] gmail.com
吳政達 University College D.Phil. in Inorganic Chemistry r93524037 [at] ntu.edu.tw
Chang, Chrisitne Wolfson College D.Phil. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences chaohui.chang [at] gmail.com
Chang, Leo 張家銘 Wolfson College M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering haha25051971 [at] yahoo.com.tw
Ho, Fannie M.Sc. in Global Governance and Diplomacy fanglamour [at] gmail.com
Cho, Sheung-yu 曹尚瑜   M.Sc. in Management Research bc_csyaa [at] stu.ust.hk