Oxford University Taiwanese Student Society
New Members 2010
牛津大學 台灣同學會 2012年新進成員

Last Update: 31st January, 2011

University of Oxford
Chan, Hayley Green Templeton College D.Phil. in Pharmacology lai.chan [at] gtc.ox.ac.uk
Chang, Wen-Ling 張紋菱 Kellogg College Education chang.wenling [at] gmail.com
Chang, Sophia 張語庭 Lincoln College Said Business School sophia.yt.chang [at] hotmail.com
Chen, Lin-Huey 陳琳惠 MSc Experimental Therapeutics linhuey.chen [at] hotmail.com
Chen, Alex 陳思齊 Lincoln College MSc in Pharmacology alexander.chen [at] lincoln.ox.ac.uk
Chen, Albert 陳勃亨 Oxford Brooks Business 12047969@brookes.ac.uk
Cheng, Yi Meng 鍾逸明 St Cross College Modern Chiness History yimeng24 [at] hotmail.com
Chiu, Chung-Wei 邱崇瑋 Lincoln College Engineering chiu8101 [at] hotmail.com
Chu, Julie 朱令儀 St Cross College Education juliechu0618 [at] gmail.com
Eguchi, Akihiro 江口 晃浩 St Catherine's College Experimental Psychology aki.hero.ox [at] gmail.com
Ferri, Carlo 卡爾 St Cross College Geography carlo.ferri [at] stx.ox.ac.uk
Huang, I-Horng Jesus College Engineering horng.ep [at] gmail.com
Kao, Chia-Ling 高嘉伶 Kellogg College Education chia-ling.kao [at] education.ox.ac.uk
Kwan, Shiu Cheung (Alan) 關兆彰 St Antony's College Politics and Internation Relations shiu.kwan [at] sant.ox.ac.uk
Lau, Vincent Kellogg College Experimental Therapeutics chun.lau [at] kellogg.ox.ac.uk
Law, SHoi-Lun 羅凱崙 St Anne's College Medieval and Modern Languages hoilun.law [at] st-annes.ox.ac.uk
Li, Wenjin 李雯瑾 St Peter's College Economics bellali1988 [at] gmail.com
Lim, Jennifer St Anne's College NDM yean.lim [at] annes.ox.ac.uk
Lin, Peiying 林佩瑩 Post Doc Researcher Oriental Studies bibo825 [at] gmail.com
Seiter, Sa,mantha 桑雅嬋 Wolfson College Education samantha.seiter [at] education.ox.ac.uk
Shaw, Chih-Suei 蕭植穗 Jesus College Music chih-suei.shaw [at] music.ox.ac.uk
Shih, Kai-Sheng 施凱盛 Keble College Said Business School skyshan79 [at] gmail.com
Wang, Tse-Wei 王澤瑋 University College Physics j.tw.wang [at] gmail.com
Wang, Shao-Hua 王紹華 St Hugh's College Medieval and Modern Languages shao-hua.wang [at] st-hughs.ox.ac.uk
Yang, Chung-Han 楊宗翰 Mansfield College Environmental Change Institute wing-yang [at] yahoo.com.tw
Yang, Oscar 楊騏毓 Wolfson College Clinical Medicine oscar.yang [at] wolfson.ox.ac.uk